Bomb Bomb Bomb!

First and foremost, a happy independence day to all of our American friends.  On another note happy belated birthday Canada, we’re glad to say that we’ve gone another year without a hitch…unlike our American neighbors on their birthday.  We, The Infection, who also happen to be your Canadian neighbors have to remind you all that you guys(Americans) are all well hated by everyone else in the world after what we saw went on on your birthday. Today we’re going to talk about a little country that really hates you called North Korea and what we think of your current situation with them.

So as most of us well informed readers know, North Korea is run by a dictator named Kim Jong il. He’s been in charge of this country as of 1994 and he has not been a very popular person on the world stage. According to the media he”s quite the mysterious man and his objectives are usually very unclear but his actions do tell us all that he’s someone we would not want to fuck with too much.

Of late there have been  rumors circulating about who will succeed him as the future leader of North Korea and it has been speculated that one of his sons will succeed him. A successor was supposedly announced by Kim but due to Kim’s mysterious nature we’re still in the midst of speculation.

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There have also been rumors of him actually being dead and that  the Kim we see in public is actually a look alike (we’re not fucking with you here). Sadly, we’re not here to talk conspiracy theories with you all but we’re here to talk about what happened on the fourth of July this year and what happened between North Korea and The United States.

This past July fourth North Korea began test firing Scud-type ballistic missiles, each with a range of at least 500 km. Reports say that there were at least seven missiles fired and they were fired as a show of defiance against the United States thus why they chose to fire on the fourth of July, America’s birthday.  Other countries to react to their tests were Japan and South Korea. Although these missiles are short range they are within range of most of their southern neighbour, South Korea, which is worrying.

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North Korea has also been urged by the U.N to stop developing the types of weapons they’re creating and their response was that they require these weapons to protect it’s people from a hostile outside world…which brings us to thinking, what right does anyone have to tell them to stop making weapons when others are allowed to develop weapons freely? When we say others we’re really just pointing our fingers at America.

Now we know that all the American’s reading this and sympathizers alike will probably argue that they’re a threat to the entire world and the safety of us all but here’s how we want to look at it. First of all, America boasts one of the largest and most powerful militaries on Earth yet they go around telling others to disarm.  Yes, we all know that a country as secretive and oppressive as North Korea  should not have nukes or ballistics with those kinds of capabilities but then when they say that they want these weapons to defend themselves it makes sense. Look at what happened to Iraq, the Americans stormed in there on the premise that they had nuclear weapons yet they found nothing. Saddam Hussein was also a dictator and to liberate the people was a good thing but at the same time, did the Americans really have just cause? They storm in the country saying they’re looking for nukes but here at The Infection we’re going to cut the bullshit and tell shit straight up, they just wanted Saddam gone but they couldn’t say that outright.

Now lets make the connection between Saddam’s case and Kim’s case here. If your country has no weapons other than the usual conventional warfare machines yet a larger country accuses you of having a very dangerous weapon that you DONT have so they use it as just cause to invade your country, what do you do? Kim is doing what he thinks is best for his county by making these weapons because if he doesn’t then what happens when the Americans or someone else decides to turn on him, invade his country and say that he had nukes when he doesn’t. He might as well gain leverage and make the nukes so that nobody is stupid enough to invade because he really does have nukes and other weapons that will fuck people up.

Yes he is a crazy old man with too much power but given the circumstances of his country it makes sense that he would want to prepare for a war that I would guess that he’s hoping will never happen. When you have most of the world’s governments against you and trying to urge you to change your ways, the ways that you’ve known for most of your life, what do you do? From what we can predict here at The Infection, the moment that N.Korea decides to drop it’s guns for even a second is when the rest of the world is going to force it’s foot down their throat and try to make them conform. Look at what happened to Iraq, the American’s brought freedom and democracy to the people there but at the same time how they went about it was all wrong. When you look at it some people might even call it an act of Imperialism, they tried to ‘Americanize’ Iraq and it seems like they’ve pretty much done everything short of annexing it to them and calling it another state.

All in all, N.Korea might be wrong in what they’re doing by creating weapons of war yet at the same time i try to look at the world from their perspective. You realize that maybe they do have a point and the world outside their borders is hostile, it’s just that us here on the other side don’t seem to think so because we’re so convinced that we’re doing the right thing. Hopefully, one day we’ll all learn to understand eachother and live and let live but right now us here at The Infection, we’ll watch and be entertained as the circus of the world continues to go on.

Entertain us some more with your comments.

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