We’ve got alot to talk about

So here we are, it’s been over 6 months we’ve been active and we’ve spread out since our humble beginning. First and foremost, The Infection would like to thank all of our loyal readers who have still come despite our frequent lack thereof updates and empty promises.  So this month’s theme is dedicated to all of our loyal readers, every single one of you beautiful people who keep reading and coming back.

This month, and every 6 months hereafter, The Infection will have a 6 month update. In the 6 month update month we will go over everything we’ve talked about in the past six months and anything that we find was popular amongst our readers. This also means that we’re going to be going over everything that we promised to deliver but didn’t…well not EVERYTHING but most of the things we can fit into the space of the month. We also are going to vie for more reader input and ask YOU what you want us to talk about more.

So as usual here’s the layout for this month and what we want to talk about/recap.

week 1- That would be this week. We’re going to backtrack to our very first theme, Nigga- The Infection’s January black history month special…which was a month early. This time around we’re going to talk about racial issues and how we can help solve some of the problems ailing society that have to do with differences in race, religion and culture. We also might touch on the ‘Great hip-hop debate’ again, which was really popular with you guys back then.

Week 2- Next week we’re going to march off into the battleground of love and pull our second theme back out of the box which was our valentines day special. We all know you were all waiting for that hot and explicit post about SEX. Yeah, we know you want and we’ll have it. We also will be talking more about other relationship issues that we didn’t touch on that we feel we’re ready to tackle now that we’ve grown a bit and you know us a little better…we’re getting personal, real intimate.

Week 3- As we reach the end of the month we’re going to hit on our third theme which was ‘Spring’ but since it’s not spring anymore we’re going to have to talk about Summer and all the awesome shit you should be doing right now. Some places to go, things you should see in life and new things to try that you can only do in the summer heat. We wont mind if you’re not reading on this week since we’re going to be out living our lives like you all should!

Week 4- We’ll probably be going into August or we’ll be in August at this point in time, no use bullshitting about it. Alas, we’re going to be talking about some awesome cartoons and comics to look into in your down time, if you remember the May theme of cartoons and comics. We’re also going to be nice and finally give you that last post we promised from last month as well as the Anime North videos! Yup yup, we’re finally going to launch our youtube channel which means that you can look forward to not only getting to read The Infection but you’ll be able to watch us too!

All in all, keep us entertained with your comments…no seriously, we mean it. We wanna know what you wanna hear from us about and if there’s someone you wanna specifically wanna hear from then address them!

Now here’s the song for this month…makes no sense how this works but it’s a pretty random month so why not?!

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