Why in the name of God?

Here at The Infection we respect each and every single person’s individual religious beliefs. We believe that people should be free to believe in what they wish but at the same time there are some of us here that are just annoyed to hell with people and their damn religions. Specifically, Poison Apple is annoyed with religion and here he is to talk about why.

Some might call it divine guidance while others might call it coincidence that in the last week or so I’ve been approached by many different people trying to promote their religions or people that just seem too dense to be bothered by the fact that there are other faith in this world. This past week I was approached by a group of Mormon Christians who were very nice to talk to and I gave them a kind ear, they talked and asked me questions about my faith so I told them I was an Agnostic…which led them to believe that I was going to join them. I’m going to be clear, for those of you who think that I am something or the other, I WILL NEVER EVER JOIN ANY KIND OF ORGANIZED RELIGION NOR DECLARE MYSELF AS PART OF ONE. Kind as they were, the Mormon guys, they seemed baffled when I rejected their book and told them I was satisfied with my faith as is…even if according to many ignorant assholes out there I have no faith or god because I wont choose a religion. In the past week that’s only one example of people bothering me about my ‘faith’  and this leads me to have to come out here to you, my dear audience at The Infection, and tell you why I will not join a religion.

To begin, throughout history religion has done much good for us. The basis of all our laws and government came from religion and I’m thankful for that but when people look at religion they tend to forget one key fact. People tend to forget that there is a difference between a religion and God. I’m going to discuss that here and now.

A religion, to me, is a system organized by a group of people under the name of the being(s) known as God(s) to worship and give praise to this being(s) through song, prayer, offerings and living your life according to a certain code of conduct. If you don’t like my definition then look at the textbook definition. God, to me, is a being(s) of divine and infinite power who rules over the cosmos and is the bringer of doom and final judgment and all that fire and brimstone jazz. Now all you smart people out there will note that there is a major difference between God and humanity.

God is a divine being who cannot be tempted by the evils of lust, pride, wrath, sloth, gluttony, greed, envy and other vices because it is a god. Humans on the other hand can be tempted by these things. Now organized religion usually places a person in charge because since we’re not very sure if god exists at all and since god never does speak to the majority of us if it does exist, the religion needs to have someone lead the people and spread the faith. This is where we begin to run into our problems…well I do anyways. Here’s my thought process- if people are capable of lying, cheating and stealing then what bars someone from a religious organization, who is armed with free will, from doing the same?

Throughout history, organized religion has promoted one action yet gone and done the next. To be more correct, people in charge of an organized religion or religious group have gone and done what qualifies as great evil in the name of God. Some prime examples include the Crusades and more currently the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York. In both events innocent people were being killed in the name of God. Now looking at these people in charge of these organized religions, I think to myself- ‘Why should I follow them or anyone else in an organized religion when I don’t know if I could be doing something totally wrong yet this person tells me it’s right? Why are they better than me to interpret gods word and decide how to live righteously?’ From there my thought process continues and I conclude that I’m probably better off not joining anybody.

I think that religion is obsolete and primitive if we’re all wanting the same things. I have found that every religion, in it’s most basic form, all promote the same basic values of righteousness. Treat others how you want them to treat you, what goes around comes around, sharing is caring and all those other kindergarten values we all hopefully were taught is the basis of all religion. I’ll leave it to you all to research. Its knowing this that made me conclude that I dont require a religion of any sort to simply worship god or the gods or believe in some kind of higher divine governing authority. If wer were to simply forget about religion and live and let live then life would be good but I blame religion for alot of our problems today. So many conflicts that go on in the world now stem from people’s religious differences and in looking at that I choose not to be identified as part of any group in case I indirectly become involved in some kind of massacre.

All in all, I appreciate other people’s choices and know that we all have our differences which I will accept. It’s when people try to push their beliefs on others and bring them down because of what they believe in is when I get angry. When people are hurt because of something I find to be so primitive when we all want the same things in life  is when I get angry. Catholic women who aren’t allowed to get abortions because of their faith, Islamic women who can’t go out because their religion forbids it, sick people who aren’t allowed certain medicines because of their religion telling them not to, suicide bombers offing themselves in the name of Allah- these are some examples of why I think religion is foolish. People needlessly taking life, causing pain…all in the name of God.

If God(s) does exist, then I hope that it has a great excuse for letting alot of the shit that happens in the world happen. lets get hypothetical here and say that one random day God spoke, just said a random word, you know that would probably eliminate half of the worlds problems in minutes. Think about it- if everyone is now sure that there is a God then we would all be very afraid to do alot of things like kill, lie, cheat, steal because we would know for sure that there is someone watching. I’ve been told many times by many different people that God(s) loves us all and will protect the righteous etc. etc. but judging from what I see every time I decide  to turn on the news there all good and righteous people getting hurt all over the world…anyways, point is that I wont join a religion because as far as I’m concerned it makes no sense to follow someone else word about God and risk offending god and more importantly getting other people hurt by it.

Entertain me with your thoughts, here’s a song for you guys.

One thought on “Why in the name of God?

  1. lol, I just increased my walking speed when I saw two Mormon-like males leaving a house today… I would not be able to rebuke them like that lady at the bus stop Xd

    I appreciate your sharing on this topic. So you at least recognize the virtues, not just the supernatural power. (or do you, do those virtues still exist if he doesn’t care, in an Agnostic view? Or lack of evil =/= virtue?)

    It occured to me that you may be interested in reading a chapter from Erwin McManus’ book, as he described his view on religion as a non-religious pastor (in response to a religious antheist).

    Erwin Raphael McManus’ Soul Cravings


    entry #20 It’s not supposed to make you sick

    On the other hand, I doubt that I’d be able to answer those other big theological questions you raised…

    If you believe in the Holy Bible (or any holy books), with the help of the Spirit (said to be present after acceptance of Christ) you are just as eligible to interpret the scriptures as every other reborn Christian. However, as people are convinced that elders possess more wisdom on Earth. We would hope that people who are more spiritually mature would be more accurate in understanding the Word of God. Of course, it is somewhat harder to measure spirituality than age… as age itself does not even necessarily reflect maturity. But at the end of the day, as with the case with sinning, there is nothing that can make sure that this is the case; except that we hope people are sincere to their beliefs and God alone can judge them. (resonnate with your The Atheist and the Agnostic post)

    Care to distinguish between want and needs? I am thinking about fundamental, basic (spiritual) needs here.

    Judgment was in time in old testament, but things seemed to be put on hold ’till the last judgment. I dare not pretend I understand why. But there are some speculations. =P

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