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This picture just about says it all

Lionel Heart here with a video game review, with a little over a week to go before everyone is back to school I am giving you a game to play. So after being fairly hyped the last few months the North American public finally has this game in their hands, Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP. As the title of my post says THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER, not even fanfiction writers could have gotten this. Continue reading

It’s Prime Time.

Cronus here with a little exposition on a recent release. Now, almost everyone who has ever heard of Nintendo knows of its big three: Mario, Zelda, and the lesser called upon Metroid. However, with this year comes a collection that celebrates the latter at its finest: Metroid Prime Trilogy. However, before I do anything else: This review is kinda long and goes over all the included titles, so to avoid front page clutter, I’ll just put one of those “Read More” things here.

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The people’s choice!

Here at The Infection we have had the honor of knowing many talented artists. Alas, between our own endeavors and other things we find that we never have enough time to give them the attention they so deserve and we feel that is it our duty to help you all get to know the people behind these works and internet aliases a little better. So for your own and our own pleasure we ask you all to please kindly vote for…your favorite artist here! Choose from the best of the best that we have to offer you all and we’ll be sure to entertain you as we dig up dirt on them, from the most obscene questions to the most bizarre questions, we’re willing and able to ask them all. Entertain us with some questions you might want us to ask them or sit back and let us entertain you with your favorite artist on a platter!  Enjoy!

Risk- Chapter 2

So welcome one and all to yet another thrilling installment of ‘Risk’ by our own Poison Apple. We want to start off this new week with The Infection on a good foot and tell you that we have alot to share. This week you can expect us to be getting an interview with your favorite featured artist on The Infection. Also, our boy >N@T3< has been quite busy in the shadows and we are proud to direct your attention to his very own YouTube channel ‘Folks on blast TV‘ which the rest of us here at The Infection have high hopes for, we wish you luck >N@T3< and know that you have our support if you need it. Last but not least we will be updating our Deviant account with a brand new image from Poison so please be sure to check that later on this week as well. All in all, those are our updates so keep us entertained with your thoughts! Here’s ‘Risk’ chapter 2!

-Risk,Chapter 2-

It was a sunny afternoon at a downtown Starbucks. The patio was slowly getting packed with people while the air conditioned inside was already full. In a quiet corner of the shop was a booth where two men sat wordlessly. A small scruffy one was eating a small overpriced piece of cake while the other, a large dark man, drank an overpriced coffee.

The one eating the cake was Lionel Heart, a true jack of all trades. If there were three words that could describe him in that one moment they would be young, devious, and brilliant. Those were only just a few words to describe this man. Summer was coming again and Sforza had nearly been dead for a year now. Lionel sat with Spectrum at the Starbucks and looked out the window as young women passed by looking at Spectrum and smiling while he played it cool. Across the table from him, Spectrum sipped on his cappuccino with foam and made no effort to acknowledge the women who were slowly gathering and perching near or at the Starbucks like pigeons to bird seed. Lionel was now done his cake and more women were in the place than had been there to start off with…and they were all looking at him and Spectrum.

risk ch 2

“You called me out to talk about something, right?” asked Lionel as he clasped his hands on the table “let’s get this done before any more hookers get here” he said loudly as he cast a dirty glare around the immediate vicinity. This was received with many dirty looks and hand gestures from the women within earshot, not that it mattered to him.

“Yeah man” said Spectrum, as he casually looked around the restaurant to catch the smiles, winks and waves of people around him and ignored them.  Every time he would catch someone trying to take a picture of him on their cell phones he would quickly move his head or play with his hair to get his hand in the way of his face.

“On the phone you said you know where the thing is?” asked Spectrum

“Yeah, the thing” replied Lionel “I found out that the guys who killed her were working for Enzo, which is one of your guys” he said with a raised eyebrow and a stern look.

Spectrum nearly choked on the foam when Lionel said this but before he was able to ask more questions Lionel’s cell phone rang.

“Hang on a minute, I gotta take this” Said Lionel as flipped open his phone.

“Cool, well I’ve gotta go, I’ll see you later” Said Spectrum and he walked out of the cafe into the warm afternoon air.

3 hours later

Spectrum was speeding down the highway and was ready to knock on some

doors. His first stop was going to be Script X’s. He turned off and made his way into the residential area, the quiet suburbs of the city. X’s base was different from the other bases in the fact that it did not have the rough quality of a visual unit base nor did it have the grandeur of any of the sound unit bases but it was still scary as hell. Spectrum pulled up in the driveway and walked towards the door, he rang the doorbell twice, nobody answered. He knew that people were inside but they were too obsessed with their work to bother opening the door. This was understandable with all A-Soul members. Spectrum then tried to open the door to find it unlocked and invited himself in. The house was dark everywhere except the upstairs and the Kitchen, those were the places where people were working but he did not make his way there. Instead he made his way to the basement. The basement stunk of coffee and in his chair; in front of the computer working away was Script X, in all his glory. Spectrum made his way down the step and stopped short of the coffee mugs and stayed on the step. He then bent down and picked up a plastic mug and threw it Script, it hit but he did not care.

“Did you ever find out why we were at that parking garage?” asked Spectrum

“A trial…speaking of that, what was the Trial for?” asked Script

“Ask Poison, he’ll know” replied Spectrum.

“What does that mean?” asked Script

“why don’t you go find out” replied Spectrum and he went back up the stairs.

Script sat in the darkness and wondered what Spectrum had meant by what he had said. As he was about to give the man chase and further question him he heard the door slam and he would have to wait for more answers to come his way.

Spectrum had now set the bait; it was just a waiting game now. The big fish would come and he would have himself a good old cook-off when he was done. He sped back down the highway and his destination was now a shadier locale. He was headed to Club Santana where he would find Poison.

A Hero is born!…we think

Heroes wanted
Heroes wanted

If you don’t know what the large and awesome picture is supposed to represent then you will need to read past this paragraph. If you do know what that picture symbolizes then you’ll have a great idea of what the fan project I’ve begun to work on is based on which means you can stop reading. That, my friends, is the calling card of the Green Lantern Corp’s which is basically an intergalactic police force/army. Sometime this fall/winter you will all get to have the pleasure of reading about my misadventures as a Green Lantern.

So if you are reading this far into the article I assume you want to know more about how the hell this idea came to be…or something to that desired effect. I’m going to assume that the lot of you have read comic books before or have had the conversation with friends that usually begins with ‘If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?’ and this comic is the result of one of those conversations. This then led me to wonder…’What if I were to make myself and my friends into current superheroes?’ and we get my twisted version of the DC universe.

In this new DC universe I decided that I would cast myself as a member of the Green Lantern Corps and have the story take place with me as the main character. Alongside the Green Lanterns you can all expect to see other well known superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other obscure heroes cast as my friends in this new comic. For all you original DC fans please don’t be alarmed as I don’t plan to completely destroy the personalities of the characters but beware that I will be editing origin stories and such. You can also be sure that we will be seeing the original Batman, Superman and other heroes in this at some point.

The hopeful release date for the first chapter will be sometime in late October or early November. As we approach the release date I’ll keep you all posted with new character designs and artwork as well as a preview of chapter 1 sometime before the release. Here’s some concept art of myself as Green Lantern…entertain me with your thoughts!




Now that you’ve seen some of the concept work, I’ve got a question for you all- if you could be any superhero in the DC universe who would you choose? Entertain me with those thoughts as well people!

Risk- chapter 1

Welcome one and all to The Infection. On the odd occasion we like to direct our reader attention to original art found all over the internet but it’s a rare chance for us to be able to showcase our own material. As few of you know, The Infection is not only here to promote other artists and their talents ,although many may be more deserving than us of the attention, we like to put our good feet forward and show what our own in house talents have to offer. This week we bring you all a new piece by our Poison Apple which is a follow up to an older piece by the name of ‘Snowflake’ which we suggest you read first. This is a work filled to the brim with sex, drama, murder and corruption which we at The Infection know that you will enjoy thoroughly so please be entertained as we give you…’Risk’ part two of the Snowflake saga!

Risk- Chapter 1

The evening sunlight shone through the basement window, giving some dim light to the room. In the basement sat a young man sat at a large desk, his silky black hair a mess and his dark brown eyes creased with lack of sleep. He had a phone pressed to his ear while he stared into the monitor of the laptop in front of him; his dark hands were stationary on the keyboard.


“You’re playing some risky business yo; all the people you’re telling me about are dead” Said Spectrum. A short but audible gasp was heard on the line before he got a response.

“Oh my god…they all killed each other for just that one piece of jewelery” Said a woman’s soft voice on the line. Spectrum could hear the disbelief in her tone as he continued to explain the situation to her.

“Yeah…Most of them are dead” he said “A lot of big names got arrested, the underworld is in total chaos, you can’t even sell cough syrup without getting shot up” replied Spectrum. There were a few moments of silence after that; all he could hear was her breathing on the line while he fidgeted with the mouse on his laptop. After a few moments he broke the silence, “Michelle, you there? You ok?” asked Spectrum.

“Holy fuck…” said the woman “Yeah, I’m ok, I’m alright” said Michelle. “Ok…so how bad is it for you guys out there?” she asked.

“Things could be worse” replied Spectrum “but right now I need to know, what happened to the Snowflake? A-Soul’s got major problems right now that we don’t want getting leaked to the press and we need you to know that someone’s been killed for one of them” he said.

There was another brief pause before she quietly asked “Who was it?” as her voice went down to an icy chill” And why wasn’t it in the news?” Michelle asked

“Cause the body went missing, we decided to report the situation as a kidnapping” replied Spectrum “Some of it leaked to the news but we managed to clear up some of it and make the press think that it was a gang related thing”

“So who got killed?” Michelle asked

“Dust, and she wasn’t one of ours so we’re sure it’s just some random shit, the amount of damn criminals involved in this thing is getting fucked” Said Spectrum. “What about the Snowflake? You have any idea where it ended up?” he asked.

“Sorry, but I don’t know, I left it there and just walked” said Michelle.”Maybe the cops have it or something” she said.

“Naw…we have people in the police department, we would have known…but at the same time we can’t be sure of who has it since everyone wants them” said Spectrum.

“Yeah…I see what you’re saying” replied Michelle “Well, thanks for the heads up and I hope you guys find the flake, I’ve got my own set of problems right now so be good and take care” Said Michelle and she hung up.

Spectrum hung up the phone and sat in his office and thought of what to do next. Spectrum was a man of constant thinking and his thoughts were concentrated on issues separate from that of the rest of the group. Right now he was losing money and he did not like to lose money, the other units took this lightly since they did not need as much money to sustain themselves but the sound contingent was not happy. They did not have a steady source of income, Poison was more bent on revenge than anything right now and Script was making money too slowly. His patience was wearing thin. His plan was simple, get the Snowflakes and sell all three of them to the highest bidder, after that, make a few investments here and there and things will be all good….that is as long as Poison doesn’t do something idealistic and idiotic. Spectrum sat in his office and contemplated these dark thoughts in his dimly lit office but then he was interrupted. The door opened and light from the hall flooded his office. A short young Asian man with a small goatee stood at the door looking at him.

“Lunch” he said simply

August Art Attack!

Welcome back one and all to The Infection. Here we are yet again with yet another theme and this month we do hope to entertain you with some of our very own up an coming talents we house here. As you all know The Infection likes to focus on the bringing up and promotion of our talented friends in the art world, here we direct your attention to our ‘Talented Artists’ page which we do hope you all visit and find someone’s work to enjoy. Alas, we think that these artists deserve more than just a page from us but they deserve an entire month of us at The Infection telling you how great they are. On the other hand we are all human here and we do have some selfish objectives…like the promotion of our own in-house material like ‘Snowflake’ and other works by our in-house artists. So this month we have decided to dub it ‘August Art month’ where we will indulge in shameless self promotion as well as the promotion of other talented individuals who are not well known yet!

So you all know the routine by now, we’re going to give you all a rundown of each week and what we’ve planned for y’all. You guys are to return here each week or bookmark us or whatever it is you do to keep track of us and then leave some comments for us. We laugh because your comments are usually so witty and entertaining, then we make more shit to entertain you and ourselves with…mostly us because we do this for us.

Week 1- The Premier of ‘Risk’, the second part of the ‘Snowflake’ saga by our very own Poison Apple. Unlike the first part this one will be edited and cleaned up and we do promise illustrations for every chapter. Poison is still gonna be killing it this week as he also plans to give us all a preview of his very first fan comic…expect it to be entertaining.

Week 2- We’re gonna hit you up with yet another chapter of ‘Risk’ and we’re going to have a nice little focus on one of our featured artists…we wont say who simply because you’re going to choose through voting! Which of our featured artists do you all want to know more about? Entertain us with your choice on who you want to know more about in a one on one meeting with this artist!

Week 3- In this week we’re gonna be throwing down with more material from Poison when he introduces yet another one of his fan comics! He’s on fire people and we feel it burning us here at The Infection. Poison is going to throw down with 2 fan comic previews this month and three chapters of ‘Risk’…he’s insane.

Week 4- In this last week…we may sadly go silent. The end of summer will have come but this month we plan to go out with a bang as we throw down with whatever we can give you so that you remember that it was The Infection that you all spent your summer with! Then a new school year will begin and fall will come and you’ll all be able to spend so much less time with us having oodles and oodles of fun!

All in all, that’s what we’ve got lined up for you guys this month. Keep on checking up on us and keep us entertained! Here’s the song for this month!

The best of the best of them

Throughout history many artists and entertainers have taken the task into their own hands to speak about issues, to talk about the things affecting the average man and have given voice to those who would otherwise be ignored or never heard. Every generation has had a multitude of things to say and the entertainment and the entertainers of the day reflect what the people wish and hope for. This also goes for our generation and in observing this constant way of artists and entertainers we, The Infection, were able to come to realize what we belive the mission of every person who aspires to be a great artist should be. This is the mission of enriching, enlightening and entertaining the people by any means necessary. Alas, we’re not going to talk about our mission and how we go about accomplishing it but today we’re going to talk about how others have managed to accomplish this mission before we arrived. More importantly we’re going to talk about the future of entertainment and what it’s become in recent years.

To begin, most of us here at The Infection were born in the late 80’s and early 90’s so we feel it would be unfair to talk about an era before our own time. Therefore, we are going to talk about the state of arts and entertainment from the year 1990 up to the year 2000 and go over who we think some of the most influential artists of this era were. To name a few names artists like Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur are only a few artists from the decade of the 90’s to make a major impact on music and entertainment today. Something else we also remember the 90’s were good for was innovation  with animation firsts like Reboot, along with the lingering classical sense of sophisticated humorous undertone in  many of the cartoon projects directed by Steven Spielberg.  The 90’s were a great time to be alive with so much missed by those who weren’t there and so much to offer..some might say we made progress while others might just say we went backwards 10 steps in some things. Alas, everybody has something similar to say about how good the era they grew up in was…minus those who were in the middle of a war or something like that but that’s past the point.

So to begin, the first person we at The Infection wish to give recognition to is the late and great Michael Jackson.

The prince of pop
The prince of pop

Yes, we know we are quite late to be recognizing him as a great man but please appreciate the fact that we did it. Now we’re all very sure most of you who were born before  and after our era know the name Michael Jackson and his influence on media that will outlive him by many more years simply because there will be no others like him. Aside from his everlasting influence on the music and entertainment world, Michael Jackson was a great example of an artist who did everything within his power to enrich, enlighten and entertain people around the world. He donated millions to charities all over the world as well as engaging in various acts of philanthropy which we at The Infection see as nothing less than completion of all three of the missions of a great artist.  Thus, we salute him and hope that many more people will aim to become as exceedingly great as this man was or surpass him in his generosity, kindness and love for his fellow man.

The next artist we wish to recognize here at The Infection would be the late and great Tupac Shakur.

Now many people that have heard this man’s music would say that he is a number one reason for the hatred and ignorance that goes on the the rap industry now due to his influence. On the other hand,  those that have listened to ALL of his music and seen him for more than what the media presented him as would know that there was method behind him and he was actually a very socially conscious individual at the time. We also must look at the time he was raised in and the environment he was raised in. Tupac was a man who spoke the truth about his environment and presented himself as the result of an environment that was created by the powers that ran the country. We at The Infection see this as a form of enlightening the people about the plight of his people. Tupac enriched and entertained the people around him by becoming a voice for a group of people that were seen as an eyesore to society and letting people know why they were there in the first place. He gave the youth of similar circumstance hope that they could achieve something great no matter their circumstances. This is why The Infection has decided to recognize Tupac as a great artist.

Now, there are many more artists we would wish to recognize from the 1990’s but the fact is that there are too many to be named from the decade. Sadly, we cannot remember them all right now  but remember, the criteria we judge an artist on is simple-

1) What good have they done for the world/people around them? (enrich)

2) What have they said to the people that was for their benefit? (enlighten)

3) Were they any good at it? Did people want to hear them speak? (entertain)

Under this criteria there are many more people from the 90’s that we can name but the fact is that we just dont want to take the time to do so, what we want you all to do is to think and nominate people under this criteria. These are very simple criteria to fufil which can be done by anyone with even the most minimal integrity. Although, you will be surprised to see how many artists have failed to complete this simple task.  The next question we at The Infection wish to ask you all is who you all think is the most influential artist of the decade of 2000 to 2010? We’re almost at the end of another decade and soon enough the youth will possibly stumble on this question by accident and ask “Who was the best of them?”. So right now, before it all ends on us, The Infection wants to know who you all think is the best artist of the last 10 years based on our simple criteria.

All in all, keep us entertained and here are some songs for you all to keep yourselves entertained with. First off here’s an MJ Track…we would put it in the post but embedding has been disabled.

I shot the sheriff…but I swear it was in self defence!

So welcome back to The Infection, we apologize for our recent absence of late but we’re all busy people here. Today we  bring an old issue to the table that we feel needs to be addressed by us. This is an issue that we think shouldn’t even have to exist in this day and age but here we are sadly talking about it. Recently, some disturbing news reached us, this news involves a case of racial profiling in the United States. Somehow we’re not surprised that this case comes from the land of the brave and the so-called free.

The case that resurfaced our attention to the issue involves Harvard University professor, Henry Louis Gates jr., and his arrest outside of his own home for supposedly breaking and entering.  The case has attracted the attention of U.S President Barack Obama as well as Reverend Al Sharpton.This is what Obama had to say…

This issue now brings The Infection into thinking and talking about the issue as a whole. Now we’re going to be straight up with you all and say what the sensible lot of you are thinking- Racial profiling is bullshit, we’re all innocent until proven guilty and all that great sounding junk. Alas, racial profiling exists and more people than just cops do it, alot of people do it everyday.

To begin, what’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think of racial profiling? Most average people think of the cops beating down on some coloured youth from a ghetto simply because he was wearing nice shoes that they think he stole…or something along those lines and worse. The fact is that racial profiling is more than just that, the truth is that  it’s nothing more than an act of stereotyping based on race. People only call it racial profiling when the authorities get involved but racial profiling would not exist if it were not for the stereotypes that birth to people’s misconceptions.

Some of these misconceptions that you may have heard or slurred are…

“All black people know a drug dealer, are a drug dealer or are on drugs”

“White girls who go out with black guys are sluts”

“All indians are terrorists”

“All asians are good at math”

These are just a few of the one’s we’ve heard here at The Infection. As we’re sure all of our sensible readers know, most of those quotes are bullshit but the fact is that there are people out there who believe that this and much worse is true about other races. There are people in this world who are born and bred to believe in much worse about the other races in this world and it leads to problems like racial profiling.

The question we wish to ask people today is- Why must we generalize eachother so much? We all know the question has been asked and answered before by many people for us before but we want to throw the question out there to see what you all think. Also, who or what do we blame for this problem and how can we put a stop to it? Poison Apple thinks that we can probably put alot of blame on the media for helping to fuel people’s misconceptions about race and helping keep these problems alive. Most of all we want to ask you all for some more of the admittedly funny stereotypes you’ve all heard out and about other races including your own.

Finally, here’s some video material for you all that we at The Infection hope you will find informative and thought provoking.

First, here’s a fun little one about a south asian student…

Next, for your viewing pleasure we have a clip of comedian Chris Rock talking about race and the division of wealth within the United States. This might not seem to have anything to do with the subject but its a stereotype to say that there are no ‘wealthy’ black or brown people in America…

And the last video is for our friend, the good professor Gates who we are sure can relate to this song all too well…

We also didn’t forget all of our coloured friends who may need advice on how to avoid the worst when it comes to dealing with authorities…

With all that, keep us entertained people! We look forward to what you have to say.