I shot the sheriff…but I swear it was in self defence!

So welcome back to The Infection, we apologize for our recent absence of late but we’re all busy people here. Today we  bring an old issue to the table that we feel needs to be addressed by us. This is an issue that we think shouldn’t even have to exist in this day and age but here we are sadly talking about it. Recently, some disturbing news reached us, this news involves a case of racial profiling in the United States. Somehow we’re not surprised that this case comes from the land of the brave and the so-called free.

The case that resurfaced our attention to the issue involves Harvard University professor, Henry Louis Gates jr., and his arrest outside of his own home for supposedly breaking and entering.  The case has attracted the attention of U.S President Barack Obama as well as Reverend Al Sharpton.This is what Obama had to say…

This issue now brings The Infection into thinking and talking about the issue as a whole. Now we’re going to be straight up with you all and say what the sensible lot of you are thinking- Racial profiling is bullshit, we’re all innocent until proven guilty and all that great sounding junk. Alas, racial profiling exists and more people than just cops do it, alot of people do it everyday.

To begin, what’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think of racial profiling? Most average people think of the cops beating down on some coloured youth from a ghetto simply because he was wearing nice shoes that they think he stole…or something along those lines and worse. The fact is that racial profiling is more than just that, the truth is that  it’s nothing more than an act of stereotyping based on race. People only call it racial profiling when the authorities get involved but racial profiling would not exist if it were not for the stereotypes that birth to people’s misconceptions.

Some of these misconceptions that you may have heard or slurred are…

“All black people know a drug dealer, are a drug dealer or are on drugs”

“White girls who go out with black guys are sluts”

“All indians are terrorists”

“All asians are good at math”

These are just a few of the one’s we’ve heard here at The Infection. As we’re sure all of our sensible readers know, most of those quotes are bullshit but the fact is that there are people out there who believe that this and much worse is true about other races. There are people in this world who are born and bred to believe in much worse about the other races in this world and it leads to problems like racial profiling.

The question we wish to ask people today is- Why must we generalize eachother so much? We all know the question has been asked and answered before by many people for us before but we want to throw the question out there to see what you all think. Also, who or what do we blame for this problem and how can we put a stop to it? Poison Apple thinks that we can probably put alot of blame on the media for helping to fuel people’s misconceptions about race and helping keep these problems alive. Most of all we want to ask you all for some more of the admittedly funny stereotypes you’ve all heard out and about other races including your own.

Finally, here’s some video material for you all that we at The Infection hope you will find informative and thought provoking.

First, here’s a fun little one about a south asian student…

Next, for your viewing pleasure we have a clip of comedian Chris Rock talking about race and the division of wealth within the United States. This might not seem to have anything to do with the subject but its a stereotype to say that there are no ‘wealthy’ black or brown people in America…

And the last video is for our friend, the good professor Gates who we are sure can relate to this song all too well…

We also didn’t forget all of our coloured friends who may need advice on how to avoid the worst when it comes to dealing with authorities…

With all that, keep us entertained people! We look forward to what you have to say.

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