The best of the best of them

Throughout history many artists and entertainers have taken the task into their own hands to speak about issues, to talk about the things affecting the average man and have given voice to those who would otherwise be ignored or never heard. Every generation has had a multitude of things to say and the entertainment and the entertainers of the day reflect what the people wish and hope for. This also goes for our generation and in observing this constant way of artists and entertainers we, The Infection, were able to come to realize what we belive the mission of every person who aspires to be a great artist should be. This is the mission of enriching, enlightening and entertaining the people by any means necessary. Alas, we’re not going to talk about our mission and how we go about accomplishing it but today we’re going to talk about how others have managed to accomplish this mission before we arrived. More importantly we’re going to talk about the future of entertainment and what it’s become in recent years.

To begin, most of us here at The Infection were born in the late 80’s and early 90’s so we feel it would be unfair to talk about an era before our own time. Therefore, we are going to talk about the state of arts and entertainment from the year 1990 up to the year 2000 and go over who we think some of the most influential artists of this era were. To name a few names artists like Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur are only a few artists from the decade of the 90’s to make a major impact on music and entertainment today. Something else we also remember the 90’s were good for was innovation  with animation firsts like Reboot, along with the lingering classical sense of sophisticated humorous undertone in  many of the cartoon projects directed by Steven Spielberg.  The 90’s were a great time to be alive with so much missed by those who weren’t there and so much to offer..some might say we made progress while others might just say we went backwards 10 steps in some things. Alas, everybody has something similar to say about how good the era they grew up in was…minus those who were in the middle of a war or something like that but that’s past the point.

So to begin, the first person we at The Infection wish to give recognition to is the late and great Michael Jackson.

The prince of pop
The prince of pop

Yes, we know we are quite late to be recognizing him as a great man but please appreciate the fact that we did it. Now we’re all very sure most of you who were born before  and after our era know the name Michael Jackson and his influence on media that will outlive him by many more years simply because there will be no others like him. Aside from his everlasting influence on the music and entertainment world, Michael Jackson was a great example of an artist who did everything within his power to enrich, enlighten and entertain people around the world. He donated millions to charities all over the world as well as engaging in various acts of philanthropy which we at The Infection see as nothing less than completion of all three of the missions of a great artist.  Thus, we salute him and hope that many more people will aim to become as exceedingly great as this man was or surpass him in his generosity, kindness and love for his fellow man.

The next artist we wish to recognize here at The Infection would be the late and great Tupac Shakur.

Now many people that have heard this man’s music would say that he is a number one reason for the hatred and ignorance that goes on the the rap industry now due to his influence. On the other hand,  those that have listened to ALL of his music and seen him for more than what the media presented him as would know that there was method behind him and he was actually a very socially conscious individual at the time. We also must look at the time he was raised in and the environment he was raised in. Tupac was a man who spoke the truth about his environment and presented himself as the result of an environment that was created by the powers that ran the country. We at The Infection see this as a form of enlightening the people about the plight of his people. Tupac enriched and entertained the people around him by becoming a voice for a group of people that were seen as an eyesore to society and letting people know why they were there in the first place. He gave the youth of similar circumstance hope that they could achieve something great no matter their circumstances. This is why The Infection has decided to recognize Tupac as a great artist.

Now, there are many more artists we would wish to recognize from the 1990’s but the fact is that there are too many to be named from the decade. Sadly, we cannot remember them all right now  but remember, the criteria we judge an artist on is simple-

1) What good have they done for the world/people around them? (enrich)

2) What have they said to the people that was for their benefit? (enlighten)

3) Were they any good at it? Did people want to hear them speak? (entertain)

Under this criteria there are many more people from the 90’s that we can name but the fact is that we just dont want to take the time to do so, what we want you all to do is to think and nominate people under this criteria. These are very simple criteria to fufil which can be done by anyone with even the most minimal integrity. Although, you will be surprised to see how many artists have failed to complete this simple task.  The next question we at The Infection wish to ask you all is who you all think is the most influential artist of the decade of 2000 to 2010? We’re almost at the end of another decade and soon enough the youth will possibly stumble on this question by accident and ask “Who was the best of them?”. So right now, before it all ends on us, The Infection wants to know who you all think is the best artist of the last 10 years based on our simple criteria.

All in all, keep us entertained and here are some songs for you all to keep yourselves entertained with. First off here’s an MJ Track…we would put it in the post but embedding has been disabled.

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