August Art Attack!

Welcome back one and all to The Infection. Here we are yet again with yet another theme and this month we do hope to entertain you with some of our very own up an coming talents we house here. As you all know The Infection likes to focus on the bringing up and promotion of our talented friends in the art world, here we direct your attention to our ‘Talented Artists’ page which we do hope you all visit and find someone’s work to enjoy. Alas, we think that these artists deserve more than just a page from us but they deserve an entire month of us at The Infection telling you how great they are. On the other hand we are all human here and we do have some selfish objectives…like the promotion of our own in-house material like ‘Snowflake’ and other works by our in-house artists. So this month we have decided to dub it ‘August Art month’ where we will indulge in shameless self promotion as well as the promotion of other talented individuals who are not well known yet!

So you all know the routine by now, we’re going to give you all a rundown of each week and what we’ve planned for y’all. You guys are to return here each week or bookmark us or whatever it is you do to keep track of us and then leave some comments for us. We laugh because your comments are usually so witty and entertaining, then we make more shit to entertain you and ourselves with…mostly us because we do this for us.

Week 1- The Premier of ‘Risk’, the second part of the ‘Snowflake’ saga by our very own Poison Apple. Unlike the first part this one will be edited and cleaned up and we do promise illustrations for every chapter. Poison is still gonna be killing it this week as he also plans to give us all a preview of his very first fan comic…expect it to be entertaining.

Week 2- We’re gonna hit you up with yet another chapter of ‘Risk’ and we’re going to have a nice little focus on one of our featured artists…we wont say who simply because you’re going to choose through voting! Which of our featured artists do you all want to know more about? Entertain us with your choice on who you want to know more about in a one on one meeting with this artist!

Week 3- In this week we’re gonna be throwing down with more material from Poison when he introduces yet another one of his fan comics! He’s on fire people and we feel it burning us here at The Infection. Poison is going to throw down with 2 fan comic previews this month and three chapters of ‘Risk’…he’s insane.

Week 4- In this last week…we may sadly go silent. The end of summer will have come but this month we plan to go out with a bang as we throw down with whatever we can give you so that you remember that it was The Infection that you all spent your summer with! Then a new school year will begin and fall will come and you’ll all be able to spend so much less time with us having oodles and oodles of fun!

All in all, that’s what we’ve got lined up for you guys this month. Keep on checking up on us and keep us entertained! Here’s the song for this month!

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