Risk- chapter 1

Welcome one and all to The Infection. On the odd occasion we like to direct our reader attention to original art found all over the internet but it’s a rare chance for us to be able to showcase our own material. As few of you know, The Infection is not only here to promote other artists and their talents ,although many may be more deserving than us of the attention, we like to put our good feet forward and show what our own in house talents have to offer. This week we bring you all a new piece by our Poison Apple which is a follow up to an older piece by the name of ‘Snowflake’ which we suggest you read first. This is a work filled to the brim with sex, drama, murder and corruption which we at The Infection know that you will enjoy thoroughly so please be entertained as we give you…’Risk’ part two of the Snowflake saga!

Risk- Chapter 1

The evening sunlight shone through the basement window, giving some dim light to the room. In the basement sat a young man sat at a large desk, his silky black hair a mess and his dark brown eyes creased with lack of sleep. He had a phone pressed to his ear while he stared into the monitor of the laptop in front of him; his dark hands were stationary on the keyboard.


“You’re playing some risky business yo; all the people you’re telling me about are dead” Said Spectrum. A short but audible gasp was heard on the line before he got a response.

“Oh my god…they all killed each other for just that one piece of jewelery” Said a woman’s soft voice on the line. Spectrum could hear the disbelief in her tone as he continued to explain the situation to her.

“Yeah…Most of them are dead” he said “A lot of big names got arrested, the underworld is in total chaos, you can’t even sell cough syrup without getting shot up” replied Spectrum. There were a few moments of silence after that; all he could hear was her breathing on the line while he fidgeted with the mouse on his laptop. After a few moments he broke the silence, “Michelle, you there? You ok?” asked Spectrum.

“Holy fuck…” said the woman “Yeah, I’m ok, I’m alright” said Michelle. “Ok…so how bad is it for you guys out there?” she asked.

“Things could be worse” replied Spectrum “but right now I need to know, what happened to the Snowflake? A-Soul’s got major problems right now that we don’t want getting leaked to the press and we need you to know that someone’s been killed for one of them” he said.

There was another brief pause before she quietly asked “Who was it?” as her voice went down to an icy chill” And why wasn’t it in the news?” Michelle asked

“Cause the body went missing, we decided to report the situation as a kidnapping” replied Spectrum “Some of it leaked to the news but we managed to clear up some of it and make the press think that it was a gang related thing”

“So who got killed?” Michelle asked

“Dust, and she wasn’t one of ours so we’re sure it’s just some random shit, the amount of damn criminals involved in this thing is getting fucked” Said Spectrum. “What about the Snowflake? You have any idea where it ended up?” he asked.

“Sorry, but I don’t know, I left it there and just walked” said Michelle.”Maybe the cops have it or something” she said.

“Naw…we have people in the police department, we would have known…but at the same time we can’t be sure of who has it since everyone wants them” said Spectrum.

“Yeah…I see what you’re saying” replied Michelle “Well, thanks for the heads up and I hope you guys find the flake, I’ve got my own set of problems right now so be good and take care” Said Michelle and she hung up.

Spectrum hung up the phone and sat in his office and thought of what to do next. Spectrum was a man of constant thinking and his thoughts were concentrated on issues separate from that of the rest of the group. Right now he was losing money and he did not like to lose money, the other units took this lightly since they did not need as much money to sustain themselves but the sound contingent was not happy. They did not have a steady source of income, Poison was more bent on revenge than anything right now and Script was making money too slowly. His patience was wearing thin. His plan was simple, get the Snowflakes and sell all three of them to the highest bidder, after that, make a few investments here and there and things will be all good….that is as long as Poison doesn’t do something idealistic and idiotic. Spectrum sat in his office and contemplated these dark thoughts in his dimly lit office but then he was interrupted. The door opened and light from the hall flooded his office. A short young Asian man with a small goatee stood at the door looking at him.

“Lunch” he said simply

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