Risk- Chapter 2

So welcome one and all to yet another thrilling installment of ‘Risk’ by our own Poison Apple. We want to start off this new week with The Infection on a good foot and tell you that we have alot to share. This week you can expect us to be getting an interview with your favorite featured artist on The Infection. Also, our boy >N@T3< has been quite busy in the shadows and we are proud to direct your attention to his very own YouTube channel ‘Folks on blast TV‘ which the rest of us here at The Infection have high hopes for, we wish you luck >N@T3< and know that you have our support if you need it. Last but not least we will be updating our Deviant account with a brand new image from Poison so please be sure to check that later on this week as well. All in all, those are our updates so keep us entertained with your thoughts! Here’s ‘Risk’ chapter 2!

-Risk,Chapter 2-

It was a sunny afternoon at a downtown Starbucks. The patio was slowly getting packed with people while the air conditioned inside was already full. In a quiet corner of the shop was a booth where two men sat wordlessly. A small scruffy one was eating a small overpriced piece of cake while the other, a large dark man, drank an overpriced coffee.

The one eating the cake was Lionel Heart, a true jack of all trades. If there were three words that could describe him in that one moment they would be young, devious, and brilliant. Those were only just a few words to describe this man. Summer was coming again and Sforza had nearly been dead for a year now. Lionel sat with Spectrum at the Starbucks and looked out the window as young women passed by looking at Spectrum and smiling while he played it cool. Across the table from him, Spectrum sipped on his cappuccino with foam and made no effort to acknowledge the women who were slowly gathering and perching near or at the Starbucks like pigeons to bird seed. Lionel was now done his cake and more women were in the place than had been there to start off with…and they were all looking at him and Spectrum.

risk ch 2

“You called me out to talk about something, right?” asked Lionel as he clasped his hands on the table “let’s get this done before any more hookers get here” he said loudly as he cast a dirty glare around the immediate vicinity. This was received with many dirty looks and hand gestures from the women within earshot, not that it mattered to him.

“Yeah man” said Spectrum, as he casually looked around the restaurant to catch the smiles, winks and waves of people around him and ignored them.  Every time he would catch someone trying to take a picture of him on their cell phones he would quickly move his head or play with his hair to get his hand in the way of his face.

“On the phone you said you know where the thing is?” asked Spectrum

“Yeah, the thing” replied Lionel “I found out that the guys who killed her were working for Enzo, which is one of your guys” he said with a raised eyebrow and a stern look.

Spectrum nearly choked on the foam when Lionel said this but before he was able to ask more questions Lionel’s cell phone rang.

“Hang on a minute, I gotta take this” Said Lionel as flipped open his phone.

“Cool, well I’ve gotta go, I’ll see you later” Said Spectrum and he walked out of the cafe into the warm afternoon air.

3 hours later

Spectrum was speeding down the highway and was ready to knock on some

doors. His first stop was going to be Script X’s. He turned off and made his way into the residential area, the quiet suburbs of the city. X’s base was different from the other bases in the fact that it did not have the rough quality of a visual unit base nor did it have the grandeur of any of the sound unit bases but it was still scary as hell. Spectrum pulled up in the driveway and walked towards the door, he rang the doorbell twice, nobody answered. He knew that people were inside but they were too obsessed with their work to bother opening the door. This was understandable with all A-Soul members. Spectrum then tried to open the door to find it unlocked and invited himself in. The house was dark everywhere except the upstairs and the Kitchen, those were the places where people were working but he did not make his way there. Instead he made his way to the basement. The basement stunk of coffee and in his chair; in front of the computer working away was Script X, in all his glory. Spectrum made his way down the step and stopped short of the coffee mugs and stayed on the step. He then bent down and picked up a plastic mug and threw it Script, it hit but he did not care.

“Did you ever find out why we were at that parking garage?” asked Spectrum

“A trial…speaking of that, what was the Trial for?” asked Script

“Ask Poison, he’ll know” replied Spectrum.

“What does that mean?” asked Script

“why don’t you go find out” replied Spectrum and he went back up the stairs.

Script sat in the darkness and wondered what Spectrum had meant by what he had said. As he was about to give the man chase and further question him he heard the door slam and he would have to wait for more answers to come his way.

Spectrum had now set the bait; it was just a waiting game now. The big fish would come and he would have himself a good old cook-off when he was done. He sped back down the highway and his destination was now a shadier locale. He was headed to Club Santana where he would find Poison.

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