Video Game Review “The Ultimate Crossover” a.k.a Dissidia: Final Fantasy - 47367 bartz_klauser cecil_harvey cloud_strife final_fantasy firion onion_knight shantotto squall_leonhart terra_branford tidus zidane_tribal
This picture just about says it all

Lionel Heart here with a video game review, with a little over a week to go before everyone is back to school I am giving you a game to play. So after being fairly hyped the last few months the North American public finally has this game in their hands, Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP. As the title of my post says THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER, not even fanfiction writers could have gotten this. So 10 heros, 10 villains, epic gods, destruction of worlds and old hatred renewed; get the picture yet? Square-Enix has outdone themselves yet again with this game. The game itself is a crossover between RPG and fighting, you get your ever customizable characters with 3D bust-em-up action.

You get four modes to play in:

  • Story: 11 stories to complete, each hero gets their own unique story with a final tie in story to close the game. Old hatred renewed and new friendship found for some, the fans get their classic grudge matches: Cloud vs Sephiroth, Tidus vs Jecht, Warrior of Light vs Garland, etc and fans also get to see how the heros and villains would acts amongst themselves.
  • Arcade: Choose your character and fight through a gauntlet of 5 random battles, with varying difficulties
  • Quick Battle: This modes lets you choose your opponent and fix the details: who you want to fight, their level, tactics, level of equipment, and where you fight them
  • Communication Mode: Play you friends!

Now gameplay wise this game has the right balance of RPG and fighting, interactive stages (virtually anything and everything can be destroyed), excellent choice for VAs and very cool art. I personally like the refreshing look to some of these old-timer, also the new renders of some memorable places from previous games; remember being at the center of the planet in Final Fantasy VII now imagine actually getting to fight Sephiroth in his human form right there, that is what this game provides. Another good aspect of the game is character balance there is no one character that overpowers all the other characters, well Sephiorth’s persona or Kefka’s psychosis may trump that point, but never the less this is a good game to play to get rid of that back to school depression. Now what are you waiting for go get it!

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