Gettin up close and personal!

It’s Poison here people!

So if you all remember, a while back we had that voting incentive here on ‘The Infection’ to choose who you people want to know more about. Well our jackass friends over at Starhill rigged the damn voting! Yeah…I said it, they fucking rigged it. With all the work we’ve done with Starhill in the past I honestly am amazed that you people would need to know any more about them than we do! Still, we have no clear evidence that they rigged it so in the name of truth, democracy and blah blah blah we’ll give you your damn interview with Starhill…

So here it is, my one on one with Adamgamer of Starhill!…Fuckers

I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid 🙂 Love y’all like bros

Sex, Scandal and Schoolhouse rock!

It’s Poison here again for your entertainment, just passing through while I’m not so busy with my school workings…Speaking of school work I must ask you all about how you are finding the people to be there? Personality wise I would hope that you all find your classmates, in some cases students, enjoyable to be with. Other than personality, I’ll speak on behalf of all us single people; when I ask, how do they look? This is a question that goes out to all my fellow students and now…teachers too!

She looks like shes ready to learn lots :D
She looks like she's ready to learn lots 😀

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Risk chapter 4

Welcome one and all to yet another week with us at The Infection. First of all I would like to offer a warm welcome to all those of you going back to school and a good luck to those of you who are just starting school. Enjoy the school life people, because when you reach my stage in life and realize that you’re still in school thinking to yourself  ‘oh my, I’ve pissed away 25% of my life in school’ you might as well be able to say it was enjoyable. Second of all, I apologize for being late with the chapter, I can make excuses for you but they wont matter now so fuck it.  Now this week’s thrilling installment of Risk focuses on G.K  so we get a bit of character development here. Now sit back, relax and adjust your eyes for another chapter of Risk!

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Videos (Review)

I know these guys, do you?
I know these guys, do you?

To continue with the movie theme this month at the Infection, Lionel went and made gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure and will add some commentary for each video in this post. There are a total of seven gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure, two of which are AdHoc gameplay videos. Before I let you guys just mindlessly watch Continue reading

New Comic preview- Ganguro Girl

Warning: This post may contain sexually offensive material…you’ve been warned.

So as most of you all know we’ve got a good week before we all go back to school and we’ve been a constant source of distraction for you all. We plan to keep doing so while the school year goes on and Poison is here to help distract you kiddies from your work even more with a preview of his newest and sexiest comic yet.  Poison Apple is proud to present to you ‘Ganguro girl’, the first and possibly only piece of material that Poison could pass off as romance. Before we’re able to dish out the tidbits of this spicy, sex driven story we have to give you all a little bit of schooling first. Continue reading

The semi-ultimate movie-goer question: Classic or Remake?


Disclaimer: I do not and will never own the rights to any of the movie titles listed below, if I did I wouldn’t go to class. Ever.

With most movies nowadays being remakes in some way, shape or form; the question must be raised which is better the Classic (Original) or the Remake? I don’t like to sit on fences but for the purpose of this post I will look at both the classics and originals, I will also state when one overrides the other. Continue reading

The Art of War I


The material presented does not necessarily represent the views of all members of The Infection and we do warn you that this work is meant to be satirical in nature. If you need a definition of the word ‘satire‘ then you can click on the word we’ve conveniently hyper linked for you…that or  you can read the Poison Apple definition for idiots everywhere.

Satire (as defined by Poison): Half of this is bullshit. It’s up to you to decide what’s bull and what’s not bull. The author (s) are not liable for anything that may or may not happen to you if you choose to listen to this as matter of fact. Continue reading

Risk- Chapter 3

Well well, it’s Poison here again wondering if he’s been missed? It’s been a long week without me, hasn’t it kiddies? Well I’ve come back to The Infection to grace you all with some more of my own art that I’ve put my heart into. This week I give you the third chapter of  ‘Risk’ and a brand new lovely illustration for you to feast your eyes on. Be sure to keep your eye on my deviant-art page as I will be updating quite constantly throughout September and the following months. No worries though, I’ll still come back here every week with a new chapter of Risk and a new illustration alongside it. Now entertain me with your thoughts as I give you all, Risk: Chapter 3

Risk- Chapter 3

The Santana was packed with people that night. As Spectrum drove past approaching the club he could see that there was a line that had probably been there long before he arrived or the doors opened. The event that night was featuring some of A-Soul’s hottest talents, alongside the featured entertainment he knew that people would come just for an appearance by Gaia Kikumai or G.K, the leading lady in the group. Continue reading