September School Depression/Recession

It’s back to school for the staff here at The Infection and for our readers who are in school. This month’s theme, to help promote commemorate the Toronto International Film Festival: Movies and Goodies! Everyone loves them and we will look at different things when it comes to movies. Also as of last month Poison started the second arc of the ‘Snowflake’ series and he will continue publishing chapters of Risk as effectively as he can; we like to promote quality over quantity. And here is this month’s weekly rundown.

Week 1 – Classics vs Remakes: What’s better?; The fans voted and the winner of the poll was Starhill, so we will get the interview the fans asked for.

Week 2 – Video Bonus: Last month Lionel did a review on Dissidia: Final Fantasy, by this week he should have gameplay videos/video review for us and our viewing glory.

Week 3 – By the time this week wraps up for us the Toronto International Film Festival will be over and we will have something to talk about, hopefully it’s more than just Megan Fox’s body in ‘Jennifer’s Body’.

Week 4 – Movie Extras: “Good idea? Bad idea?”; Speaking of extras we will do a bonus interview with an artist of our choice so readers can get something else.

That’s the line up for this month, as usual keep us entertained!

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