Risk- Chapter 3

Well well, it’s Poison here again wondering if he’s been missed? It’s been a long week without me, hasn’t it kiddies? Well I’ve come back to The Infection to grace you all with some more of my own art that I’ve put my heart into. This week I give you the third chapter of  ‘Risk’ and a brand new lovely illustration for you to feast your eyes on. Be sure to keep your eye on my deviant-art page as I will be updating quite constantly throughout September and the following months. No worries though, I’ll still come back here every week with a new chapter of Risk and a new illustration alongside it. Now entertain me with your thoughts as I give you all, Risk: Chapter 3

Risk- Chapter 3

The Santana was packed with people that night. As Spectrum drove past approaching the club he could see that there was a line that had probably been there long before he arrived or the doors opened. The event that night was featuring some of A-Soul’s hottest talents, alongside the featured entertainment he knew that people would come just for an appearance by Gaia Kikumai or G.K, the leading lady in the group.

The line outside was an orgy of drugs and sex but it was a club, you couldn’t expect much less. In the parking lot Spectrum sat in his car looking out the window at people who were coming out of the party covered in foam and thought to himself ‘Damn…foam party’. He checked himself in the rear view mirror, he then took a little bit of gel that he usually carried with him and fixed his hair a bit then he was off.

He was wearing a white Football jersey that was custom made for him and a pair of baggy black jeans. Spectrum had dark brown skin and long wavy black hair that he usually styled with gel, he had a look that was good for the street and good for an occasion like this one.

Spectrum ran through the plan in his mind, he would walk in and then find out where Poison is, don’t waste time. He would then talk to Poison and find out what’s going on with the snowflakes. After that he would find Gaia, she would be hard to find since she would probably be in the foam.

Spectrum walked past the line and up to the door where security simply nodded at him and let him pass without question. When he walked in, he was at the top of a step looking down into the dance floor, which was now an ocean of bubbles, foam, and people moving in every which direction without a care.

Spectrum knew that his colleague would not be found down in the foam pit, it wasn’t his style. He made his way up to the lounge which was on the second floor overlooking the pit. He made his way past the wet and foamy people to the stairway where he saw a tall, skinny, black man, in jeans and a white dress shirt with a black suit jacket, talking to a small, sugar brown skinned, girl covered in foam as he came down. They would be Poison and G.K or Gaia Kikumai.

They did not notice Spectrum as they came down the step so he stood there listening to their conversation for a few seconds before Poison took notice of him.

They did not notice Spectrum as they came down the step so he stood there listening to their conversation for a few seconds before Poison took notice of him.
They did not notice Spectrum as they came down the step so he stood there listening to their conversation for a few seconds before Poison took notice of him.

“Ho!” said Poison “where the hell did you come from?!?” he asked.

“You dumbass, I was right in front of you, what’s so important that you guys don’t even notice me? Me of all people!” asked Spectrum.

“Actually, we were wondering where you were, we wanted to ask if you know why Script is acting weird all of a sudden?” said G.K

“Script’s acting weird…isn’t he always weird?” said Spectrum

“Well not weird enough to scare Poison” replied G.K

“Whoa…that’s gotta be weird” said Spectrum, then he remembered why he had come to see Poison. “Yo! You gotta go check up on that boy Enzo, my source says that he knows something about who shot up Dust” said Spectrum.

“What! Yo! Don’t worry about this one, I’ll take care of this myself, you go to the forbidden place or whatever it’s called” Said G.K.

Poison and Spectrum both looked at G.K astonished. They could not believe what they had just heard her say. Spectrum’s plan was all screwed up now; he had never expected G.K to take the mission of taking down Enzo. ‘No big deal’ he thought to himself ‘I’ll work around it’

“Yo guys, let’s move off the step, we’re blocking things up” said Poison as they all realized that they were still on the step.

They then moved back up to the lounge and bought some drinks. Poison had an iced Tea, while G.K and Spectrum shared a bottle of Tequila, Poison took a little but he did not want to drink too much so he decided not to start drinking. As they all drank and talked, more people joined them while Spectrum sat and also conversed but all the time he was thinking. ‘I know that Enzo might have one snowflake and the other one is in some forbidden place but the missing one…’ then Spectrum was hit by a stroke of genius.

“Yo, I’ll go get the Snowflake off Sketch from the forbidden place” Said Spectrum

“Ok, that works with me” said Poison, as though an incredible weight had been lifted off his shoulders

“By the way, where is Enzo?” asked G.K “He’s never seen around anymore” she said

“That’s the fun part” said Poison “if you’re gonna go after him, at the least try to enjoy yourself, I hear that Brazil is nice this time of year” he said and he laughed. Poison had a hearty almost cartoon villain evil laugh that echoed in your mind long after you heard it.

“When you laugh like that it makes me scared to find out what’s in Brazil” said G.K as she played with a straw in her mouth.

“Don’t worry” Said Poison “I wouldn’t send you anywhere I wouldn’t go myself, just thinking that it’ll be interesting out there”

Spectrum then got up and was about to make his way down to the exit

“Whoa whoa, wait up bro, you leaving now? Stick around for a minute more” said Poison as he tapped Spectrum’s arm.

“Naw man, I’ve gotta sleep tonight and more than enough parties to go to this week” replied Spectrum as Poison waved him off.

“Alright man, get some rest man, peace” replied Poison

It was then when a large spotlight came down on Spectrum as he went down the step.

“IT’S SPECTRUM Y’ALL!’ said a loud booming voice and the entire club went mad as people started to call friends on their cell phones to say that he was there. Spectrum then gave a wave and continued to make his way to the exit but then the crowd started to yell out “Spin! Spin!” and he had no choice; they dragged him back up the stairs to the booth where the D.J was on the second floor away from the foam. There went his night.

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