New Comic preview- Ganguro Girl

Warning: This post may contain sexually offensive material…you’ve been warned.

So as most of you all know we’ve got a good week before we all go back to school and we’ve been a constant source of distraction for you all. We plan to keep doing so while the school year goes on and Poison is here to help distract you kiddies from your work even more with a preview of his newest and sexiest comic yet.  Poison Apple is proud to present to you ‘Ganguro girl’, the first and possibly only piece of material that Poison could pass off as romance. Before we’re able to dish out the tidbits of this spicy, sex driven story we have to give you all a little bit of schooling first.

Way back in the stone age, around the year 2002 on Newgrounds, a site well known for it’s flash animations and flash based games there was a game.  The game was known as ‘Ganguro Girl’ which was an indirect sequel to another dating simulation game known as ‘Sim girls‘.

It only seems so innocent...then it all goes downhill
It only seems so innocent...then it all goes downhill

The sequel was a hit as it pleased the fans of the first game thoroughly but for some who played the game, like Poison, all those years ago it left them craving more. Thus, we end up with Poison having to go out and take the popularity of this game to a new level by writing a comic based on it. The objective of the game, much like any other basic game in the genre is to go out, raise stats, impress the target and make them fall in love with your character. In Ganguro girl it’s pretty blunt as your main objective in this game is to get laid and smack that ass.

Smack that, all on the floor!
Smack that, all on the floor!

Now if any of you have managed to continue reading the links then you would know that this is a going to be a comic just begging for trouble. On another note, you would all have to ask what the hell did Poison manage to do with the non-existent story? The simple answer is that he made a story up to go with this and help to improve the entire experience.

The first change is that there are now more girls in the story than the original one girl that there was to go after.

a possible one of the new heroines.
a possible one of the new heroines.

You can also expect to see more competition from other men and characters like ‘Big Al’ also will finally be characterized by Poison in this new story. Something we’re going to try to satisfy fans of the original game with is a redesigned Saori.

(Left to right) Saori at the club, park and Chino's cigar bar
(Left to right) Saori at the club, park and Chino's cigar bar

We can also expect to see appearances from members of A-Soul since we’re going to let this take place in the world of Snowflake, but don’t worry too much because we’re still going to have all the familiar locations brought to life for your entertainment. Finally, we wont forget the one thing you all expect to see lots of… fan service!

You can expect the first issue of this comic being released on The Infection and on Poison’s Deviant art page by early November of this year. Keep us entertained with your thoughts people!

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