Dissidia: Final Fantasy Videos (Review)

I know these guys, do you?
I know these guys, do you?

To continue with the movie theme this month at the Infection, Lionel went and made gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure and will add some commentary for each video in this post. There are a total of seven gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure, two of which are AdHoc gameplay videos. Before I let you guys just mindlessly watch I want to point out some key things: 1) the vertical bar in the bottom left is the Ex gauge, you fill this bar up to get into Ex-mode which allows you to do your characters limit break, officially called an Ex-Burst; 2) the horizontal bar across the bottom is the HP bar, you run out of HP you die; 3) the diamonds under the HP bar represent 1000 HP; 4) the floating number above the HP bar is called Bravery, very simple 0 bravery you can’t do HP damage and you will take a lot of HP damage, very high and more bravery than your opponent you deal a lot of HP damage and take very little HP damage; and 5) the multiplier at the top of the screen tells you how much your accessories are being boosted.

To start it off Lionel fought Sephiroth as Cloud, not once, not twice, but three times to get

I think the way Sephiroth floats down as that music starts makes him scary, not the fact that he has very long hair and wears enough leather to make a dominatrix jealous. I started with two very familiar moves Braver and Cross Slash, then you see those 5 red letters BREAK, this happens when someones bravery is 0 and means someone could be on the receiving end of a real ass whooping, at the end of the video you see how much bravery matters, 1942  vs 169 bravery points and I ‘officially’ dealt 1386 HP damage, meaning I could have done more if Sephiroth had more.

He changed clothes and weapon (gasp!), every character in Dissidia has an alternate costume and in Cloud’s case he even changes weapons going over to his Advent Children scheme. In this video you see Sephiroth ride the waves of Mako to go to different platforms in this stage, we even get to see summons. Summons work differently in this game, instead of dealing HP damage to your enemy or casting support magic, they affect bravery and in Bahamut’s case he boosts the summoner’s bravery about 20 points a second for 40 seconds. Another thing in this video is a chase sequence, where a fight sequence works in bullet time. Filling the Ex guage is shown as well, either pick up Ex-force, the little blue spheres, or pick up a Ex-Core, the bell that appears at 1:17. With Ex-Burst engaged, Cloud’s weapon changed, another feature for some characters. Although it wasn’t a perfect limit break I still won.

Not much to this video, other than after taking enough  shit from Sephiroth I went Ex-mode, got Ultima Weapon I dished out a perfect Omnislash. Yeah Sephiroth listen to Cloud, should’ve seen that one coming!

Next Lionel fought Tidus as Jecht twice to get some other things in

In this video I get to show one of my favourite features, wall run.

Different sequence, same end, same result.

And finally two videos of Lionel playing another human

Officially I’m 3 – 0 against said human.

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