Risk chapter 4

Welcome one and all to yet another week with us at The Infection. First of all I would like to offer a warm welcome to all those of you going back to school and a good luck to those of you who are just starting school. Enjoy the school life people, because when you reach my stage in life and realize that you’re still in school thinking to yourself  ‘oh my, I’ve pissed away 25% of my life in school’ you might as well be able to say it was enjoyable. Second of all, I apologize for being late with the chapter, I can make excuses for you but they wont matter now so fuck it.  Now this week’s thrilling installment of Risk focuses on G.K  so we get a bit of character development here. Now sit back, relax and adjust your eyes for another chapter of Risk!

Risk Chapter 4

G.K was at the airport sitting in a coffee shop waiting to depart. The airport wasn’t crowded as G.K watched people speaking different languages give teary goodbyes to their friends and loved ones. It was a good day for flying, the sky was clear and it was a Sunday, nice and relaxing.

She was wearing a baggy black Baseball jersey with the A-Soul logo on it and baggy white jeans shorts with a white baseball cap also showing the logo for A-Soul on it in black. Her only luggage was one backpack and a handbag, one with a week’s worth of clothing in it and the other was full of personal things she might need for her trip.

“Continental Airlines flight 2377 at 11 am for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, now loading passengers. All passengers are asked to please make their way to the plane. Please secure all handbags and carry-on luggage. Enjoy your flight and have a nice day” said a voice on the P.A system.

That was her flight; she quickly finished her tea and made her way to the plane. She would be flying first class on this flight and she was enjoying that one fact alone, not only that but Spectrum had given her a $10, 000 bonus to her account so she wouldn’t need much.

This would be her first flight alone and she was thoroughly excited but she couldn’t forget her mission, which was to find Enzo and retrieve the snowflakes if he had them. If he didn’t have the snowflakes she was allowed to spend the week in Brazil before the $10, 000 got wiped from her account. She made her way to the plane, her bags were searched thoroughly and she made it through the metal detector with no problems. From there she continued to the plane.

Once she boarded a handsome steward then took her bags and placed them in the baggage compartment above her.

“Can I help you with anything you need?” he then asked “A drink perhaps?”

“Um, yes please. Just water would be fine thank you” replied G.K

Then in the seat beside her a tall, skinny, black man then asked for a drink as well.

“Yeah, can I please get a drink too?” he asked the steward “A coke please” he said.

“Right away sir, please hold on I’ll be right back” said the steward as he hurried away down the aisle attending to the other passengers along the way.

Both G.K and the man watched as he hurriedly made his way down to the back of the plane while attending to the passengers. G.K then took a quick glance at the man beside her as he continued to watch for the steward with their drinks. He was wearing black jeans and a black button up t-shirt with a flashy tiger print design on it. Then their eyes met and he smiled at her, she politely smiled back before she broke eye contact and pushed her hat over her eyes to feign sleep.

Then their eyes met and he smiled at her, she politely smiled back before she broke eye contact
Then their eyes met and he smiled at her, she politely smiled back before she broke eye contact

“Welcome to Continental airlines, flight 2377 to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this is John Gauss, your captain, speaking telling you to buckle up your seatbelts and that our hosts are happy to help you with anything you’ll need during this flight. We’ll be taking off shortly and we’re looking at clear skies all the way there, so just sit back, relax and have a nice day.” came his voice from the P.A system.

G.K then took off her shoes, crossed her legs and curled up in her seat as the plane took off. Unknown to her, sitting right beside her was the man known as Ronin.

1week ago

Spectrum came out of the Santana at sunrise, still wet, somewhat drunk and covered in foam. In the parking lot there were still cars and some of them rocked as people made early morning drunken love in the back seats…or any seats if it mattered to them. Poison had long left the club along with G.K who had wanted to leave with Spectrum but she was too drunk to stay the night so Poison had left and taken her with him to stay at some nearby members’ apartment for the night. Spectrum forced himself to walk to his car as he searched his pockets for his keys. He then got in and closed the door; he was too tired and drunk to drive so he pulled back the seat and closed his eyes.

Thanks to the party his plans were shot so he had to rethink things for a bit, his main problem was the fact that he was not able to go to Brazil himself or get his own man in on it, this complicated things a bit, then he had a stroke of genius when he came up with a new plan. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and dialled up his retriever. The phone rang and then a female voice answered the phone.

“Morning, is Ronin there?” he asked

“Uh, yes he is” said the girl “may I ask who’s calling?” she said.

“This is Spectrum of A-Soul” he said and immediately the girl started screaming. Spectrum instinctively held the phone away from his ear and waited for the screaming to end. It ended very quickly when Ronin answered the phone.

“Oy who is this?” he asked.

“This is Spectrum” he replied as he took the phone a little bit farther away from his ears to not have to hear the loud girl in the background.

“Whadda want?” asked Ronin in an annoyed tone.

“Well you’re not on Standby anymore, I need you to intercept and retrieve for me” said Spectrum

“Ok, you got an address and a name?” asked Ronin as he switched his attitude to a more business-like tone.

“Yep, it’s G.K but if you want her real name it’s Gaia Kikumai, everyone knows her.” Said Spectrum

“Ok, got it” said Ronin “anything else?” he asked

“Yeah, are your travelling documents any good?” asked Spectrum

“Yeah…why?” asked Ronin

“Good, and you got all your shots and whatever right?” asked Spectrum

“Yeah, I’ve got all that but why do you wanna know?” asked Ronin with a tone of suspicion in his voice.

“I just wanna know because you have to track this girl down in Brazil” he replied.

Within the same day the tickets were purchased and the beginning of a climatic showdown was in the making. A young dancer heading out into the rough beauty that is Brazil to rescue what could be described as the work of the hands of a god. Beside her and unknown to her, a man who has been given a mission that stinks with the foul air of treachery and deceit. Meanwhile, in Brazil a man that is still mourning the death of a loved one that awaits his own fate to crash down upon him like a waterfall.

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