Gettin up close and personal!

It’s Poison here people!

So if you all remember, a while back we had that voting incentive here on ‘The Infection’ to choose who you people want to know more about. Well our jackass friends over at Starhill rigged the damn voting! Yeah…I said it, they fucking rigged it. With all the work we’ve done with Starhill in the past I honestly am amazed that you people would need to know any more about them than we do! Still, we have no clear evidence that they rigged it so in the name of truth, democracy and blah blah blah we’ll give you your damn interview with Starhill…

So here it is, my one on one with Adamgamer of Starhill!…Fuckers

I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid 🙂 Love y’all like bros

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