The very first…Infection Art show!

As you all know by now The Infection is house to a host of artistic talents. From writers, illustrators and others who we have yet to see on the show floor The Infection is full of heavy hitter artists. In order to promote our talented individuals we have decided to hold a small showing to help you all know a little more about our artists.

The first artist we want to talk about is Pikatuff. The newest up and coming member of The Infection! This talented woman  is going places fast. At the moment she is easily the most talented and dedicated artist on our roster and we are proud to have her with us.  look out for her website that’s supposed to be up soon and keep an eye on her for updates. Check out her work and be sure to comment! Here’s a sample of some of her work for you all to see.


The next artist on our roster that we want to talk about is Apoc. A less prominent member of The Infection  who, like most  of our other artists, boasts talent beyond his years. His art is something to be respected as well as him, a good natured man who (this is for the ladies) is single and available ;).  He is a busy man who we are sure is going places and right now he deserves your support. Currently he is going to Humber college to take their media arts program and he has a passion for animation and illustration. Check out his deviant page and holla at him for more work because we wanna see more of what he can do! For now, here’s a sample of his stuff here for you to see.


Finally we have work coming from our benevolent leader- Poison. Since he writes alot of the posts for us here at The Infection, illustrates images and promotes us in all kinds of media it’s needless to say much about him So here are two of the pieces he’s decided to show us for our little show today!


As you can see, each of these artists are quite talented and can only improve with hard work and dedication.  As time goes by we will hopefully be able to show you all some more of our work in hopes of keeping you all entertained and to try and push forward the careers of these talented individuals.  If you’re looking for more special artists that we know then please check out our Talented Artists page and do be sure leave a comment for them or us!

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Risk Chapter 7

Yay! I beat Lionel to the presses this week! It’s Poison here people and I’m here to entertain you as always.

In this weeks thrilling installment we find ourselves with Sketch again and she seems to be doing well…in the forbidden place! We finally get to find out what has become of her after the events of  ‘Snowflake’. In other news Poison (yes, that’s me, how conceited am I!) is up to something as he requests seemingly useless documents delivered to him. What are his motives? Are they good? Bad? Ugly?! Who knows what the hell is going to happen anymore! Read more to find out!

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Risk Chapter 6

It’s Poison here again y’all…so as you might of read last week I wont be doing anymore illustrations for Risk. I know i made promises to do so but I don’t think you guys believed any of it anyways. Plus, a promise is a comfort to a fool  and those of you who would take someone on a promise should know that it’s quite foolish. In this life always have a backup plan…and if it fails then it fails but at least you saw ahead enough to plan. Now, enough life lessons!

In this week”s thrilling installment of Risk we leave Ronin and Gaia to have a peek in quite the heated conversation between Script X and Poison (Yes, I’m in this chapter) We have some dangerous secrets revealed. Secrets about murder most foul, the perversion of  justice and the dark hand of A-Soul. Now please be entertained as we give you this week’s thrilling installment of Risk! Continue reading

Top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and Top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas

I like lists; they’re organized, clean and neat and they easily convey the idea in sweet concise points, this week’s posts is two lists top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas; I will start with the good then get to the bad.

Honourable Mentions: Matrix Agents

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hold the presses!

Alright people guess what…I’m putting all my projects on hold until after I manage to get into Animation at Sheridan College. This means that both the Ganguro Girl and Green Lantern fan projects are canceled indefinitely, as well as, illustrations for Risk.
I’ve decided to devote all my efforts towards leaving my anime art influence and properly developing my number one character- Gaia Kikumai. I’ve decided to post some of my progress on Deviantart and I would appreciate as much support as possible from anybody with opinions on what direction to go in with her look. I’ve grown quite unsatisfied with Gaia as of late and it’s come to my attention that she is extremely lacking. I must now devote all my efforts towards making her the best of the best by any and all means necessary. My mission is to pursue my own original style while learning from cartoon greats in order to achieve the best outcome. I wont tell anyone to wish me luck, I’ll tell you all to just watch me go.

For now please take one last look at the current Gaia Kikumai.

Gaia kikumai

lets be fearless! Just dont be foolish…

It’s Poison here people, been suffering from the art block so I’ve had time to do lots of thinking. I figured that I would throw in my two cents on people and being afraid.

In life, most or all of us wish to be successful. From the day we are born to the day we die we all will probably strive for a goal, we all will be constantly moving towards something that we want in order to help us justify our existence.  If you have nothing to strive for right now then please for the love of all that’s good find something to wake up for. Anyways, on the path towards our goals in life we will encounter a feeling, an emotion, known as Fear. Lionel already gave you all the description earlier so I assume you all know what it is. This emotion can and will hold you back from great things in life if you let it. On the other end it can be fuel for your sensibility.

The fact is that fear isn’t something we can simply use our will power to make disappear…well most average people can’t do that. Fear is something that will be with you all your life and that’s a fact. Some people haven’t met something they fear in this life as of yet while others are more reckless but the fact remains that everybody has something they are afraid of. When we at The Infection say ‘fuck fear’ we don’t mean to say that it’s something to be done away with but we mean that you can’t let it control you. In saying that, I want to share my definition of what it means to be ‘fearless’.

The Poison Apple Dictionary definition of ‘Fearless’- The state of being fearless is not to be lacking fear but to not let it have any power over you or your decisions.  Fear still exists but it’s something that takes a back seat to whats important to you in life.

So how does someone achieve the Poison state of fearlessness?

The answer is quite simple. There are three simple steps to overcoming any fear. Dependent on the fear some may take longer than others but they I can guarantee you that this way will work. The three steps are to A) Identify, (B) Accept and (C) confront.

A) Identify the fear. In some cases we don’t know what we are afraid of. The source of most fears is simply because of a lack of knowledge. Humans naturally fear that which they cannot understand. A simple example is in phobias, which are defined as irrational fears. Now the key word in that is irrational, like Lionel said. So the simple fact is that we now have to make sense of the fear. Once you can make sense of something then you can begin to devise ways to control it and once you can control it you’re well on the path towards overcoming your fears.

B) Accept your fear. Yes, this goes against what Lionel said earlier but I think it’s necessary for someone to accept the fact that they have a fear of something in order to overcome it. If you never accept the fact that you do or did have a fear of something then how can you get over it? By not accepting it you’re simply avoiding the issue. I hate when people avoid issues. It’s the worst kind of cowardice there is, to not talk about something because it’s inconvenient to people or it taints their delicate virgin ears…bastards. Back on topic! The fact is that you need to accept the existence of something in order to be able to tackle it. When it comes to fear it’s not as simple as accepting it and just taking it down though, but that’s why the first step of identification is necessary. Once you know it and accept it you can begin to control it because you now understand it.

C) Confront your fears. You need to slowly edge yourself into the mouth of the beast. A warning: There is a difference between fear and caution. Know it. Fear is the one thing we don’t need, it’s the irrational part of our being that tells us to stay back and not go forward when we need to the most. Caution is different, it’s the rational part of our being that tells us that something is dangerous and we need not approach it but be wary of it. Before you confront your fear you need to decide if what you feel isn’t caution or fear. This is why the prior two steps need to be taken before getting to this stage. If you’re afraid of being robbed, you take a self defense class but don’t go out looking for trouble.  I’m just saying that you should confront your fears in a controlled environment and you shouldn’t just jump into dangerous things or things that could bring you or others harm.

Finally, once you’ve completed the three steps you can be assured that you will be closer to being fearless but you’ll be far from foolish. That’s what we at The Infection want you, the people who live life in fear of things, to achieve. We want you people to get up and be able to approach the world not just rushing in but calmly and be able to rationalize. In the words of Tupac Shakur ‘real eyes realize real lies’ and it is the truth.  When your eyes become clouded by fear it leads to horrible judgment calls that lead you to hurting yourself more than if you were to approach fear in these three simple steps. When we approach things with caution it yields a far better result for you and those who believe in you. Remember, Fear is foolish while real fools don’t know caution.

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What is fear? Why fear when you can say f*ck fear!

Fear as taken form pronounced /fɪər/ – noun
1. A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.
2. A specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling: an abnormal fear of heights.
3. concern or anxiety; solicitude: a fear for someone’s safety
4. Reverential awe, esp. toward God.
5. That which causes a feeling of being afraid; that of which a person is afraid: Cancer is a common fear.
– Verb
6. To regard with fear; be afraid of.
7. To have reverential awe of.
8. Archaic. To experience fear in (oneself).
Now based on what listed as definitions of fear, I personally believe this is all exists as self produced constructs in people’s heads. Now that sounds like some psychological mumbo-jumbo to psyche you out, get you to follow along and nod your head in agreement; but really all I am saying is fear is inside our heads and imposed on us by ourselves, not your mother, father, brother, sister, aunty or uncle; YOU! Look at the first definition and more specifically the middle of the definition “whether the threat is real or imagined” might I underline IMAGINED for you to understand what I am getting at here. Like I know some are created from traumatic events, which I can be understanding towards, but I am here to call out all you cowards who claim to have shit like paraskevidekatriaphobia, really this day occurs at least twice a year and gets as high as four, you people are saying that for those days you actually live in fear. That’s bullshit, there I said it, really F*CK THAT and F*CK FEAR!

Risk Chapter 5

So here I am again people, It’s Poison Apple here again to rock you like a hurricane! So here I am with another update of Risk for you and I can tell you that my devilish hands have been busy. First the sad news…we weren’t even able to attend the TIFF this year due to our own lack of funding 😦 oh well We’ll be sure to cover it next year and we’ll be sure to do it big. Otherwise we are working on getting our hands into other kinds of trouble that you’ll see this month. Now this week’s chapter isn’t really all too exciting but it keeps the story going. In other news I’ve been in a bit of an art block with this chapter image…I’ve had it here for so long and now I’m just fed up with it. Anyways, that art block is something to talk about on Deviantart, not here.  Now, keep me entertained with your thoughts and enjoy this weeks installment of ‘Risk’! Continue reading