Be afraid, be very afraid
Be afraid, be very afraid

Welcome to October on behalf of ‘The Infection’. To commemorate Halloween, if you haven’t figured out this month’s theme, it’s F-E-A-R, fear, fear, fear! (American football fans will get that one) A little more sensitive issue this month, well you see how we butchered V-day this year, Halloween shall be no different, we love to hate and hate we shall. Something we here at ‘The Infection’ have found is a beautiful thing called consistency, weekly weekend posts, folks constantly coming to see if we post anything during the week (which we occasionally do), another thing that has been consistent since its inception in late August has been Poison’s publications of the second arc of ‘Snowflake’ series and he will continue publishing chapters of Risk as effectively as he can; again we like to promote quality over quantity. As usual here is the line up for this month:

Week 1 – What is fear? Why fear when you can say f*ck fear!

Week 2 – Top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and Top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas

Week 3 – The Infection rates their top 10 fears; The Infection also rates their top 10 fears, in hilarity of their names and/or description.

Week 4 – History lesson: What is Halloween? And its origins

That’s the line up for this month, as usual keep us entertained!

I know Poison does a music video, but I’m Lionel and I’m giving you something different, an introduction to the man known as ‘The Fear’, how he got this title I have no clue but hey he’s a pretty cool guy and isn’t afraid of Naked Snake.

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