I’m in Toronto trick!!!

It’s Poison here people!

I’ve been to many places in my lifetime. Chicago, Washington D.C, New York and many others but as I travel more I find myself loving Toronto more and more. What can I say, it’s my home city. For the record I make no excuses for our home teams ,they suck and I wont deny it. Still…lets get to the point of this post quickly!

So on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 I was able to attend  the most awesome celebration of art I’ve yet to attend in my life. Nuit Blanche was held in the heart of downtown Toronto and it was a celebration of contemporary art that went on from sunset until sunrise the next day. The majority of the downtown core of the city was turned into a giant art gallery for approximately 12 hours…it was insane. I spent an entire night with some of my talented artist friends as well as mingling with the normal bustling nightlife of Toronto on a Saturday night. Needless to say that the night was nothing less than interesting. So here I am with a little play by play of the night’s events for you all to see.

My night began at Toronto’s Union station where I was to meet up with our talented friend, Pika. Little to my knowledge did I know that I was going to be walking into the first of many installations that I would be walking into that night. Sadly I don’t have the time or patience to tell you about everything I saw but I do have pictures to show you all.


friend Pika
friend Pika

So a little in depth explanation for you all on the images you’re seeing. At Union station the installation we walked into was a sound installation work done by artist Heather Nicol of Toronto. I personally found it to be quite the interesting piece as all around me were the sounds of voices telling many stories of people and places going and coming. There were so many stories to take in and the fog and lights (that we can’t see in the pictures that well 😦 ) did do well to create a certain sense of immersion within the world being created by the stories being played out through sounds. As cool as the installation was, I realized that this was only the beginning of a long night and me and Pika headed out to find some more pieces to gawk at.

102_0399The next piece we stopped and took a look at was more interactive than the first one.  Too bad me and Pika didn’t have the patience to be bothered to do the interacting part of this exhibit and get into the long ass line you can hopefully see in the picture. Still, we did manage to get our hands on some guide books that told us what the pieces were about. This one was called ’10 scents’ by artist Chih-Chien Wang of Montreal. The idea was that people usually expect a horrible smell from a porta-potty before going to use it but people who actually got to interact with this  exhibit , which were placed in porta-potties, would experience scents based on Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  No offense meant to the artist but when me and Pika were passing by…we thought that it was a really long washroom line, sorry.

102_0400The Next exhibit we headed to was  Witches Cradle, 2009. the pictures pretty much will tell you all in these ones.

SL740076SL740077SL740078Alright, so let me give you an idea of what the hell this really is. So me and Pika walk into the place to find people being blind folded and suspended in the ceiling from pods…sounds like the setting for a really kinky sex party.  The work was called ‘Witches Cradles’ by Center for Tactical Magic based in California, USA. In all honesty…that sounded completely senseless, a center for tactical magic, like WTF… but I”ll continue to explain the work for the sake of keeping the pace in this. So the purpose of the work was to  disrupt the vestibular senses and create subtle shifts in consciousness through random swaying of the pods and careful control of one’s senses while in the pods.  Basically put, it used sensory deprivation to induce an altered mental state. I could have tried out for it and been in one of the sacks myself but I didn’t want to sit in a long ass line.

SL740093The next exhibit we headed to was ‘Vodka Pool’ by Dan Mihaltianu of Berlin, Germany. Now you know that this was a good party when you come to a pool of Vodka, rappers dont have shit on this dude! They order bottles but he’s got a whole damn pool for the party!

Yes...Artists know how to party hard! We dont get bottles we get a whole damn pool!
Yes...Artists know how to party hard! We dont get bottles we get a whole damn pool!

As the night went on we saw alot more shit, some of which we captured on video but these are only some of the pieces that we managed to take you through. Alas, since I dont want to bore you all with this brick of reading material more than I already have I will be nice and tell you all that there will be some videos on Youtube for you all to watch so check out the channel. Also, if you can see the cool facebook badge with my sexy visage plastered all over it at the bottom of the page then feel free to add me as a friend to Facebook if you want to check out any pics of me or other talented friends that went to Nuit Blanche.

All in all, the entire experience was amazing and I hope that next year is even better. If you’re ever in Toronto then make sure that you come around for at least this world class event cause you’ll leave feeling enriched, enlightened and definitely entertained! Now be good people and keep me entertained!


Apple D.

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