Risk Chapter 5

So here I am again people, It’s Poison Apple here again to rock you like a hurricane! So here I am with another update of Risk for you and I can tell you that my devilish hands have been busy. First the sad news…we weren’t even able to attend the TIFF this year due to our own lack of funding 😦 oh well We’ll be sure to cover it next year and we’ll be sure to do it big. Otherwise we are working on getting our hands into other kinds of trouble that you’ll see this month. Now this week’s chapter isn’t really all too exciting but it keeps the story going. In other news I’ve been in a bit of an art block with this chapter image…I’ve had it here for so long and now I’m just fed up with it. Anyways, that art block is something to talk about on Deviantart, not here.  Now, keep me entertained with your thoughts and enjoy this weeks installment of ‘Risk’!

Risk- chapter 5

G.K stepped off the plane and was immediately covered in water, it was raining but she could feel the humidity as it made even the water that should be cold into a nice warm rain. The storm did nothing to ruin the beautiful scenery and even the rain was just as beautiful there as the sun looked in all the videos they showed on the plane.

Ronin grudgingly stepped off the plane behind her and was soaked as well. He put his shirt up over his head to try and shelter himself from the rain, not that it made much difference in his being soaked.  At the moment his target happened to be casually skipping and singing in the rain as he ran past her for shelter.

He was carrying a single black handbag with enough clothes for the week. He looked around the airport and saw as people offered to take bags to cars and taxis in exchange for a tip. Someone offered to take his bag but he kindly refused and gave the man a small tip anyways. Ronin watched the girl dance in the rain for a little bit before she skipped into the airport soaking wet. Ronin then went and sat down pretending to read a local newspaper, while keeping an eye on the direction that G.K left the airport in.

Spectrum had told him not to worry about where she was staying, he had arranged for her to be in the room right next to his but sometimes things got screwed up so he had to make sure that things were going as planned. Ronin followed her out of the airport and took a cab right behind hers, he gave the hotel address on a card to the driver and things went well, he followed the cab that G.K was in to the last turn. Ronin then paid, with tip and left.

He walked into the hotel lobby; it was an elegant hotel with all the fancy fixtures. ‘For once Spectrum wasn’t treating me like shit’ was the initial thought at the moment he walked in but later on he would be wrong, oh so wrong. He went up to the reception desk and the man behind the desk greeted him in Portuguese and then asked in English if he had a reservation. Ronin then gave his name and he was quickly given a room number and a very nice travel guide showing all the hot night spots the city had to offer. Ronin looked at the Travel guide and hoped that the target would not go to any of these spots, it would make his job very difficult, but he already knew that he would be wrong about that.

It was an opportunity that was almost delivered to him from the heavens, a bellhop came and introduced himself to G.K and she introduced herself to him then the bellboy came to Ronin and introduced himself to him and Ronin did the same. The bellboy, Ronin and G.K all went into the elevator together. They all went up the elevator in silence and the elevator stopped at their floor.

‘This is good’ thought Ronin. They then got off and were led down the hall to their rooms. His room was 313 and G.K stopped one room before his in room 312. Ronin made a quick look at her from the corner of his eye and saw her at that room, while he pretended to struggle to open the door but then just as he was about to open his door she came up to up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

She had her hand stuck out to receive a handshake and she introduced herself.

“Hi, I saw you on the plane and at the airport just now…weird how we keep just running into each other, you can call me G.K” she said.

Ronin looked at the small girl, her hair was still a little bit wet but she had the most genuine smile on her face. Her eyes were bright and friendly as he took her hand and shook it.

“Hey, my friends call me Ronin” he said as he returned the smile “Yeah, it is pretty weird coincidence that we keep just running into each other”

“Yeah” Replied G.K with a laugh “It is weird, but these things can happen right?” She said.

“Yeah, weird right?” replied Ronin with a laugh.

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