hold the presses!

Alright people guess what…I’m putting all my projects on hold until after I manage to get into Animation at Sheridan College. This means that both the Ganguro Girl and Green Lantern fan projects are canceled indefinitely, as well as, illustrations for Risk.
I’ve decided to devote all my efforts towards leaving my anime art influence and properly developing my number one character- Gaia Kikumai. I’ve decided to post some of my progress on Deviantart and I would appreciate as much support as possible from anybody with opinions on what direction to go in with her look. I’ve grown quite unsatisfied with Gaia as of late and it’s come to my attention that she is extremely lacking. I must now devote all my efforts towards making her the best of the best by any and all means necessary. My mission is to pursue my own original style while learning from cartoon greats in order to achieve the best outcome. I wont tell anyone to wish me luck, I’ll tell you all to just watch me go.

For now please take one last look at the current Gaia Kikumai.

Gaia kikumai

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