Top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and Top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas

I like lists; they’re organized, clean and neat and they easily convey the idea in sweet concise points, this week’s posts is two lists top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas; I will start with the good then get to the bad.

Honourable Mentions: Matrix Agents

10) Generic Jedi from Star Wars –> Jedi’s are pretty cool with their Hakama and Gi knockoff set, futuristic Japanese Swordsmen if you really look into it, using Obi-Wan or Mace Windu as your template it makes really easy, doing Anakin Skywalker might be hard with the overlaying leather sash but hey if you’re up for it go for it. If someone threatens to steal your candy tell them you have a real lightsaber.

9) Bleach Characters more specifically Generic Shinigami –> These guys are pretty cool as well, with their real Hakama and Gi sets.

8) Old Baseball Legends –> If you want another (legal) reason to walk around with a baseball bat on Halloween other than to guard your candy well here it is! Go as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Carter, Hank Aaron, and those other guys who didn’t roid themselves up.

7) Old Hockey Legends –> If a baseball bat isn’t your first choice or the most easily accessible blunt object for a weapon of defence well how about a hockey stick? Get a ‘Halloween Gordie Howe Hat Trick”: A Bag of candy, a threat and a fight


6) Tiger Woods –> Hockey stick not your thing either, how about that 5-iron, not only are you protecting yourself, you can look sophisticated, and look like the next Tiger Woods.

5) Capcom Characters, if they’re done well –> These guys are pretty original ideas and if you can pull it off it looks really nice, I don’t have pictures but last year I saw a group of people do Marvel vs Capcom and it was really good.


4) Marvel Characters, if they’re done well –> See above. If it’s vintage even better.

3) Solid Snake, Exclamation Symbol, Question Mark and Cardboard Box –> The idea alone will make people laugh, to see it working in actions would be awesome only to be beaten by my top two picks.

2) Big Boss and The Patriots from Metal Gear Solid –>I am referring to the young patriots this would be really cool to get people to dress up as if they were in the military during the Cold War; Big Boss, Major Zero, Sigint, PARA-Medic, EVA and Ocelot. If you are Ocelot you must have the red beret and must do the cat call.


1) Pac-Man and the Gang –>If you can get a group of people to do this and I mean Pac-Man, the 4 ghosts, Big Dot, Little Dot, Cherry and Strawberry; you my friend deserve a salute.

Ten shitty ideas

10) Power Rangers (any generation) –> I mean this was really played out years ago, no really I was the red ranger when I was in kindergarten, for both junior and senior years.

9) DC Comic Characters –> Good or bad, this is DC we are talking about

8) Spider-Man –> No, shut up, I don’t want to hear it Spider-Man was so 1990’s and doesn’t need to come back, there are too many every year, yes he’s cool but it’s just that there are too many, can we cut down on the Spider-Men this year?

7) Darth Vader –> See Spider-Man

6) (Most) Naruto Characters –>Modern Ninjas that wear green, orange, pink, purple, etc, etc disgrace the title ninja. Exceptions to this note: Kakashi, Killer-Bee, Uchiha Itachi, The Raikage, any other cool characters.

5) Mortal Kombat Characters –>These are almost impossible to do, so please don’t try this at home, leave it to the guys in Hollywood, or I will have to find you and use (˅, ˃ + MP) using SubZero.

4) Marvel Characters if they are done bad –>Might as well go as the Kool-Aid man if it’s going to be bad.

3) Raiden and the FROGS –> I would be impressed if this could be done because this is a hard feat to make but it’s Raiden, he’s not even a real hero, see where I am going with this, the FROGS weren’t even real enemies.

2) The cast of Final Fantasy VII –> I could mention any other Final Fantasy game but this one seems to be the one done the worst proportionally, I mean for every 100 cosplayers 98.5 are bad. Don’t even bring Sephiroth and his leather-wearing-metro-ass that is just too much leather even for Squall Leonhart.


1) Michael Jackson –>This is bad, it’s bad, it’s really, really bad; this costume is going to be so overplayed and so horribly done for the next few years, so please I implore all you morons out there unless the Crayola people are doing your makeup don’t be Michael Jackson for Halloween, the man is dead at least let him have his dignity.


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