Risk Chapter 6

It’s Poison here again y’all…so as you might of read last week I wont be doing anymore illustrations for Risk. I know i made promises to do so but I don’t think you guys believed any of it anyways. Plus, a promise is a comfort to a fool  and those of you who would take someone on a promise should know that it’s quite foolish. In this life always have a backup plan…and if it fails then it fails but at least you saw ahead enough to plan. Now, enough life lessons!

In this week”s thrilling installment of Risk we leave Ronin and Gaia to have a peek in quite the heated conversation between Script X and Poison (Yes, I’m in this chapter) We have some dangerous secrets revealed. Secrets about murder most foul, the perversion of  justice and the dark hand of A-Soul. Now please be entertained as we give you this week’s thrilling installment of Risk!

Risk- Chapter 6

Away from the sun and surf of Brazil, the rest of A-Soul and the gang were still in the cold. The rains had been coming down heavily lately and today Script was in his home, patiently awaiting a visitor. This visitor had frequently visited him at this location in the past but then the group grew and they slowly were shifted apart due to business. In the beginning this was not the vision that the founders had in mind for A-Soul but they knew that if it got big enough it would end up this way.

The spring rains fell and the grass was now a sweet green as Script looked out into the back lawn. Script had not had any coffee for the day but he did have an entire night’s sleep, which was rare in his line of business. He wanted to be fully awake for today’s meeting. Behind him was a fully laden out table which had both him and his guest’s personal favourites. Script was only expecting one guest today and he knew that a majority of the food would not be touched by either him or his guest.

The front door creaked open and in from the spring rain came Poison. He was in his normal black business suit that he never buttoned up in the front and under it his white shirt could be seen sticking to his skinny body. He was soaked from head to toe and raindrops could be seen on the top of his thick black afro. Script didn’t even bother to take a second look at his guest and he motioned for the wet black man to take a seat. Poison looked at his expression and saw that this meeting was no laughing matter so he silently took his seat, given that there were only two seats at the table, he assumed the one closest to him intended for him to sit and another close to Script by the wet window.

“So, was sup” said Poison in a casual tone, as he slouched down in his and relaxed, “What you call me here for?” he asked.

“I called to ask about the case, the Dust Case” said Script as he pulled out his chair and sat, he then took a bite of some cheese pizza near him.

“Ask away” said Poison.

“What exactly was that case about?” asked Script as he took another bite of the cheese pizza, “C’mon, eat eat” he said to Poison.

“Uh…no thanks, I’m good” replied Poison as he waved off the offer.

“So back to the question, what was the case about?” asked Script. He stopped eating his slice to stare right into his reflection on Poison’s black shades.

“Well… the best way to put it is that she was into some major shit and she was doing badly for our rep with the snowflake” replied Poison.

“What kind of shit?” asked Script and he took in the last of the slice, crust and all, before he continued to another slice.

“Drugs, thugs, that kind of thing” Poison casually replied while he began to pick at a bunch of grapes near him.

“Care to give details” said Script. His tone was getting quite icy as he continued to glare right into Poison’s shades.

“Ok, it’s simple, she was telling some real bad people that A-Soul was backing her up and we caught wind that she was planning to sell the snowflake to some more criminals. We couldn’t just let it happen so we had to confront her somehow, we were gonna take the flake from her for safety” said Poison

“I see, so explain this, who is ‘we’?” asked Script

“’WE’ would be the people who came to me feeling unsafe about what she was doing and ‘I’ am the one who decided to do what was necessary to protect the people who have joined us” said Poison “Anything else!?” he added.

“Ok, stop the bullshit now!” said Script

“Fine!” replied Poison as he took a more serious tone “You want the truth, here it is. Dust lost the snowflake and Enzo was on our asses, I didn’t really like her either so we had to get it from her somehow…” said Poison before he was interrupted.

“So you had her killed…”said Script quietly

“No! It’s nothing like that, I’m no murderer!” spat Poison “But there was a problem…the problem was that only her and G.K knew where the snowflake was and G.K wouldn’t talk about where they put it so we decided to work it out of the source” explained Poison.

“Ok, but tell me why G.K wasn’t on trial then?” asked Script

“Cause she’s one of us, a member of A-Soul and I’m loyal to A-Soul” said Poison

“Fuck A-Soul! What about what’s right?! What the hell have you become! You’re frigging sick! You let other people die because they don’t stand behind some idealistic group! You make yourself judge and jury because you feel like it…you…you’re like a runaway train, nothing will get in your way and if it does…you run over it” Said Script, then his head sunk down on the table and he had a glassy look in his eyes.

The room was silent until Poison broke it.

“Yo, Script, you alright?” he asked

Script then raised his head from the table and looked at Poison

“You know what? Leave now” Said Script

With that Poison then got up and left. Script was all alone now, just the way he liked it.

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