People just dont do shit…

So I’m in Toronto, on a Saturday night, on the corner of Spadina and Queen street and in front of everyone me and my friend get assaulted by at least 10 men. Lets go over why this situation was fucked up.

Alright, so last night I went out to Spectrum’s  birthday party at a club in Toronto. Frequency night club, great place to go if you ever want a good time in the Toronto night life. Otherwise, I was drunk by the end of the night so I decided to leave the club early before I got kicked out and I didn’t want to be persuaded to drink more so the best option was to leave. so I step outside. My location at that time would be on Richmond street, across from the Scotia bank theater for those of you that know Toronto.

As I get outside and I’m thanking myself for being a responsible young drinker I happen to see my friend walking by who looked rather angry. This was as I’m on my way to the Toronto Dominion bank at the corner of Spadina and Queen. My intention was to go to the bank and walk off my drunken stupor while getting money for some food and drink to replenish my senses. I tell my friend, who is also drunk, to come with me because I’m reasonable enough to know that an angry drunk man is someone who needs constant supervision. I speak from experience as I have been the angry drunk before.

So we walk to the bank, get the money and decide to cross the street to the hot dog vendor. Those of you that know Toronto will know the hot dog cart that’s usually on the opposite side of the street from the McDonalds on Queen and Spadina. That’s where we were going. My friend is still with me and he was still angry and quite drunk. I convince him that we need to eat food and then go back and meet our other friends for a ride back home.

This is where things get interesting- My friend is yelling and raging while I order our food. Then some guy in a car starts shit with him. He calls the dude out. Now I’m ok with one on one fights but it took a turn for the worst when the dude steps out of his car and 9 other people just happen to join him. I run in there to try and calm down this lovely angry mob. My drunk friend and I both get a few hits, we don’t feel them because we’re both too drunk but the fact is- we got jumped on the middle of one of the busiest streets I know in Toronto and there were no cops or anybody that was willing and able to intervene in this. You see where I’m going now…

Now thankfully neither me or my friend suffered any damage and we were able to calm down the mob and walk away. The most we lost was a fair $15 dollars because my friend did start the fight and having calmed them down to that point I didn’t want to get them started again. My main issue here though is the fact that there were no police or people that were willing to come to our aid. What if something worse had happened to us? What if we couldn’t calm them down!? What if they had brought out weapons!?

Now think about this here, sure there weren’t any people there willing to stop the fight. I can understand that given that it’s not their job to get involved in petty battles between some young punks. Also, they’re afraid so it’s perfectly reasonable. This is why we have the police, their job usually entails getting involved in and stopping fights between street punks and such. Where the fuck were they when they were needed!? Now I don’t particularly like the cops and on my end it did work out that they didn’t show up since I might have been charged for being drunk in public. Alas, I wonder why they weren’t there on one of the busiest corners in Toronto at 3 am on a Saturday night.

Can anybody answer that for me, please? Fuck man- there’s a 24-hour McDonalds on the corner, a bank on another corner, another bank and a hot dog vendor. At 3 am drunks will be flocking to that McDonalds. To stoners, drunks and others McDonalds is their Mecca at ridiculous hours of the night and after parties.  I honestly would think that the police department would think to just have a cop or two posted there for safety sake. There are drunk people everywhere out there and it just seems logical to assume that the Police would be there to assure basic public safety.

So yeah…I know that my friend was in the wrong and they might have been drunk too and whatnot but still, someone should have been there to do something. I hate relying on others to do stuff but at the same time, isn’t it someone’s job to do it? This is the second time this year I’ve gotten to see and be in a fight where people were more likely to pull out their phones and record it instead of call for help. Also, nobody fights with dignity or honor anymore, it’s all about winning and survival, who cares who you step on as long as you get ahead right? At the end of the day it’s the winners who write the history books.

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One thought on “People just dont do shit…

  1. For reasons like this i dont go to clubs, glad ur okay. i know i would have stepped in and probably gotten my ass kicked too but im sure i could have at least taken out one or 2 guys

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