Risk Chapter 7

Yay! I beat Lionel to the presses this week! It’s Poison here people and I’m here to entertain you as always.

In this weeks thrilling installment we find ourselves with Sketch again and she seems to be doing well…in the forbidden place! We finally get to find out what has become of her after the events of  ‘Snowflake’. In other news Poison (yes, that’s me, how conceited am I!) is up to something as he requests seemingly useless documents delivered to him. What are his motives? Are they good? Bad? Ugly?! Who knows what the hell is going to happen anymore! Read more to find out!

Risk Chapter 7

The forbidden place was a place where nobody dared to enter. Only the brave or the stupid ventured into that place willingly. Right now Sketch was feeling a little bit of both. She felt disconnected from the world as she dragged her feet across the abandoned flea market.

The flea market was a place where few dared to stay long but there were people there frequently. This was where the rejects of A-Soul were found and some members could be found here too because they used their A-Soul credit to buy drugs or something of the sort from someone who was there. This flea market was inhabited by the poor and confused, the burnouts and the junkies. At the end of the market was the only empty lot, this was where the entrance to the forbidden place could be found. The entrance was an old sewer manhole that was covered in graffiti that could be dated back to over 30 years before the beginning of A-Soul.

Sketch was in an emotional mess as well as a physical mess, her weight had been dropping, she was lacking sleep, her teeth weren’t brushed, she was smoking marijuana frequently and she had been visiting the Forbidden place. The place had become her home; it was her fortress of solitude because nobody would dare venture anywhere near the place.

Her trek across the flea market ended at the manhole cover. She removed the cover and went in as the junkies behind her halted from their daily activity to see this one girl go down into this hole. She went down a long ladder and as you went down more and more graffiti could be seen, dating back to times before anyone she knew was born. She went deeper and deeper into the hole, not stopping to look at the graffiti until she reached the bottom.

At the bottom was a tunnel and in this tunnel there was a light but this light was almost not natural, it was an eerie light that emitted an aura that felt so relaxing. It was this easiness, this calm that was felt that scared people about this place. It was so calming that people wasted away in it and so eventually people began to fear it and it was given many names, some forgotten but the more recent name for it was ‘The Forbidden Place’.

Sketch walked down the tunnel and made it to the end where the light was coming from. She was at the top of an old waterfall, water no longer ran in this place but there was water at the bottom of the old waterfall, this water had been placed there by the twin lovers, Anubis and Osiris, they were the ones who were buried in this place together. It was a shrine, to their eternal love. In the shrine there was naturally growing grass, fish of every colour and shape as well as sunlight that poured in from a hole in the ceiling. It was the most amazing statement of eternal love that had ever been seen. In truth this place was beautiful, it was a whole different world from what had been described, it was filled with light and wonder that had never been seen before, and it was filled with emotions that could not be described by any other word than love. It was the result of a labor of love.

This place was her home currently. On the walls, there was large faded painted tapestry of the lives of the two lovers, from when they first met to when they died. There was a story behind this place and the reason why nobody came to see it, the story was told in the tapestry and Sketch had read it many times before, her and her other self.


Spectrum drove down the highway towards where Poison resided. In the car with him was a pile of documents which Poison had asked for from G.K’s office. Spectrum wondered why Poison would want these many documents from her desk as he pulled into the drive thru at Burger King.

Spectrum ordered his food and then parked in the parking lot and picked up one of the folders in the passenger seat while taking a large bite of his Whopper. He saw the information inside was useless information for G.K and he wondered, what use would it be to Poison? He took up another folder and saw nothing in there so he continued on to a third folder and saw nothing. He came to the conclusion that it was all useless to him so he quickly finished his burger and drove off towards his comrade’s studio.

It was now night in the city and all the freaks were coming out to play, the city was a circus of lights and people who liked to do crazy things. It was Spectrum’s kind of city, full of noise and excitement and he was well respected because of his position in A-Soul and his position in the social hierarchy of the city. Spectrum passed the ruins of the skate rink and remembered when A-Soul blew it up and he smiled as he looked at the rubble. Spectrum then passed the old location of the A-Soul store that had been demolished and the smile disappeared.

Eventually he arrived at Poison’s studio, the studio was an old auto garage that had been bought by A-Soul and there were always people there. Spectrum drove up to the garage entrance and there were two girls who were smoking by the door, they saw his car and pushed a button near them that opened the garage door. Spectrum parked his car and stepped out.

The studio was a busy place as people rushed about trying to get work done. People carried paintings to vaults, on the upper floor people made cartoons, in one of the offices or the other you could see people airbrushing, making orders or just dealing with the business aspect of the entire affair.

Poison was on the upper floor; Spectrum made his way past the hustle and bustle towards where Poison was working. He made his way past the cubicles and desks to where Poison could be seen hunched over his work, this was one of the rare moments where someone could see Poison being serious and he was someone who could not stand to be bothered while doing what he love; making art.

In the corner nearest Spectrum there were others also looking at Poison and they were drawing straws. A young girl lost, and she was scared as shit. Spectrum watched as she argued and pled with the others to not have to do what she was going to have to do but they all refused her offers and gave her a Subway sandwich. She took the sandwich and walked towards where Poison was working, Spectrum looked and knew what was going to happen; he was well prepared to laugh.

The girl was behind Poison and he was still working, he did not realize that she was there and she stood there for a bit, cautiously reaching out to touch him until she finally touched him and he quickly grabbed her hand before she was able to retract it. Poison held her hand for a bit and then dropped his pencil, after that he put on his glasses, turned around and pulled her down into his lap.

“What?” he said as he looked at her.

Spectrum and the others did not expect that, they expected him to do something more painful to come her way but it looked like that would not happen today. Spectrum then motioned to Poison to come and he quickly dropped the girl off his lap like a child throwing away a toy, the group laughed at her as she sat on her ass.

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