The very first…Infection Art show!

As you all know by now The Infection is house to a host of artistic talents. From writers, illustrators and others who we have yet to see on the show floor The Infection is full of heavy hitter artists. In order to promote our talented individuals we have decided to hold a small showing to help you all know a little more about our artists.

The first artist we want to talk about is Pikatuff. The newest up and coming member of The Infection! This talented woman  is going places fast. At the moment she is easily the most talented and dedicated artist on our roster and we are proud to have her with us.  look out for her website that’s supposed to be up soon and keep an eye on her for updates. Check out her work and be sure to comment! Here’s a sample of some of her work for you all to see.


The next artist on our roster that we want to talk about is Apoc. A less prominent member of The Infection  who, like most  of our other artists, boasts talent beyond his years. His art is something to be respected as well as him, a good natured man who (this is for the ladies) is single and available ;).  He is a busy man who we are sure is going places and right now he deserves your support. Currently he is going to Humber college to take their media arts program and he has a passion for animation and illustration. Check out his deviant page and holla at him for more work because we wanna see more of what he can do! For now, here’s a sample of his stuff here for you to see.


Finally we have work coming from our benevolent leader- Poison. Since he writes alot of the posts for us here at The Infection, illustrates images and promotes us in all kinds of media it’s needless to say much about him So here are two of the pieces he’s decided to show us for our little show today!


As you can see, each of these artists are quite talented and can only improve with hard work and dedication.  As time goes by we will hopefully be able to show you all some more of our work in hopes of keeping you all entertained and to try and push forward the careers of these talented individuals.  If you’re looking for more special artists that we know then please check out our Talented Artists page and do be sure leave a comment for them or us!

Keep us entertained!

3 thoughts on “The very first…Infection Art show!

  1. Some real talented motherfuckers you have working for you, Poison. Hey, how do you join the Infection? Follow up question: is it a fun infection, like say…. laughter, or a bad infection, like Herpes? Or Swine Flu?

    1. Lol, it’s good to know you can see the talent we’ve got on board. Otherwise, you can join us simply by showing your support through your Deviant page or personal website or submitting stuff to our blog or youtube channel. You also would need to be approved for membership by us here and once you’re a member you’ll also get as much of our financial backing as possible and we’ll try to promote your artwork when and wherever we can. You can also consult us for help on your own projects if you need it once you’re a member.

      Thanks for showing interest and trust me, watch the videos on youtube and you’ll see that we do have fun with it. We’re not too serious around here and given the fact that we’re a foul mouthed bunch who say whatever we want whenever we want you know its bound to be endless fun for all.

      E-mail me at my personal addy if you need more info

  2. kinda liked on the roof tops, though i was wondering what he was on…
    slightly too dark to swallow… besides, i just realized i can’t comment without an account; it seems that she knows ppl love that pic, and it makes no sense for me to sign up just to comment.

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