We’re in Toronto trick! pt.2

It’s Poison here again people and I’ve come bearing good news- the videos of me and Pikatuff at Nuit Blanche last week are up!

In other news we also have a new member to welcome to our ranks at The Infection- Pikatuff has been ‘signed’ on by me, Poison. When I say she’s been ‘signed’ on it means that I decided to draft her into our little army. Anyways, welcome Pikatuff to The Infection! A song for you my dear!

I’m in Toronto trick!!!

It’s Poison here people!

I’ve been to many places in my lifetime. Chicago, Washington D.C, New York and many others but as I travel more I find myself loving Toronto more and more. What can I say, it’s my home city. For the record I make no excuses for our home teams ,they suck and I wont deny it. Still…lets get to the point of this post quickly!

So on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 I was able to attend  the most awesome celebration of art I’ve yet to attend in my life. Nuit Blanche was held in the heart of downtown Toronto and it was a celebration of contemporary art that went on from sunset until sunrise the next day. The majority of the downtown core of the city was turned into a giant art gallery for approximately 12 hours…it was insane. I spent an entire night with some of my talented artist friends as well as mingling with the normal bustling nightlife of Toronto on a Saturday night. Needless to say that the night was nothing less than interesting. So here I am with a little play by play of the night’s events for you all to see.

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Be afraid, be very afraid
Be afraid, be very afraid

Welcome to October on behalf of ‘The Infection’. To commemorate Halloween, if you haven’t figured out this month’s theme, it’s F-E-A-R, fear, fear, fear! (American football fans will get that one) A little more sensitive issue this month, well you see how we butchered V-day this year, Halloween shall be no different, we love to hate and hate we shall. Something we here at ‘The Infection’ have found is a beautiful thing called consistency, weekly weekend posts, folks constantly coming to see if we post anything during the week (which we occasionally do), another thing that has been consistent since its inception in late August has been Poison’s publications of the second arc of ‘Snowflake’ series and he will continue publishing chapters of Risk as effectively as he can; again we like to promote quality over quantity. As usual here is the line up for this month:

Week 1 – What is fear? Why fear when you can say f*ck fear!

Week 2 – Top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas and Top 10 shitty Halloween costume ideas

Week 3 – The Infection rates their top 10 fears; The Infection also rates their top 10 fears, in hilarity of their names and/or description.

Week 4 – History lesson: What is Halloween? And its origins

That’s the line up for this month, as usual keep us entertained!

I know Poison does a music video, but I’m Lionel and I’m giving you something different, an introduction to the man known as ‘The Fear’, how he got this title I have no clue but hey he’s a pretty cool guy and isn’t afraid of Naked Snake.