Risk Chapter 9

It”s been a while and some of you may be needing an update on what’s happened thus far in this little drama…well you can read it all by clicking on the ‘Risk’ category. All the chapters we’ve put up so far are there so go on and read. Hell, you can do the same thing with the first story, Snowflake. We’ve got all the chapters there for you to enjoy if you’re new to the story!

Now for this week’s installment. In this week’s installment of ‘Risk’ we meet up with Spectrum who has been charged with a mission, retrieve Sketch. It’s an easy sounding mission…the only thing is if he will make it past the spirits that await him at the bottom of the sewers!  Now for this week thrilling installment of…Risk! Continue reading

A new ally appears!

Listen up people! We’ve got a new member here at The Infection! We want to welcome Rockpopple to the table!! He’s yet another of the talented artists we’ve added to our ever growing roster of artists. So here’s some of his artwork for y’all to check out and keep an eye on his gallery to make sure he keeps up the good work!

Beware, content is not work safe…show everybody you know AND your mother! Continue reading

Give me anything but that!

So this month we’re talking about War here at The Infection. I, Poison, am currently in bed writing this and hopefully I am going to make a point out of this before my mind turns into a pile of mush and I say ‘fuck this’ and go to sleep. So the thought I’m having here is how sad it is that we’re so apathetic about war and many of the worlds problems thanks to all the things in the media that we have to distract us from the fact that a shitload of people are dying and whatnot all over the world. It took a very random train of thoughts to get to this. So this week I’ve been racking my mind on ‘what do we talk about involving war next?’. So I figured that I would talk about how desensitized the media around us has made us about wars and alot of shit around the world. Continue reading

Make me superhero sexy contest!

Those of you that have been following me on Deviantart know that at the moment I’m going through a bit of a superhero phase. I figure that I might as well ride the bitch out and see where it takes me. Not only that but I found out today that we’ve managed to get 20’000 hits for the year! Now that might not sound like much to you people who are used to going to bigger sites and whatnot but we’re happy nonetheless and I’m throwing a contest to show how much we appreciate your support!  Before I announce the contest… this is the latest result of my cadavers into the world of caped crusaders. I present to you  Mistah J’s my Harley Quinn! Continue reading

Freedom, What Freedom?

Continuing on with ‘warmonth’ November and our theme we come to our next topic: Freedom. Now there are many definitions of freedom but I will take just a few from my favourite definition source Dictionary.com. 1. The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint 2. Exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. 3. The power to determine action without restraint. Continue reading

Top ten videogame war heroes vol.2

Hey y’all, wassup! It’s Poison here to entertain you again and today we have my select choices of video game war heroes and what I think constitutes a ‘war hero’.  It’s a special day at The Infection today since we’re just overflowing with new shit to share with y’all. We’re bursting at the seams with hot topics so we’re going to start y’all off light today with this post 😉

So this month we’re talking about war and in wars there are heroes. Heroes in war are usually defined by the winning side and are usually merited based on their ability to either (a) stop the enemy or (b) minimize casualties to their side. Given this definition of a ‘war hero’ one would be able to determine what the criteria is for my ranking of these videogame war heroes …well you’re wrong. I’m simply playing favorites in this ranking list based on not only how much ass they can kick but also based on how fucking cool they look while doing it. This is the Poison Apple ‘Top ten video game war heroes’ list! Continue reading

Top ten Videogame War heroes

War Hero, two words with such an impactful meaning, usually associated with a war winner’s abilities as a soldier to take command of a battle, no more, no less. I personally find that meaning too broad and too easy to meet, that meaning simply judges a soldier’s merits, as a hero, is based on kills and bodies saved. I think there should be more to a war hero, especially a video game war hero. In addition to the definition above I shall add some amendments:

  1. Not only must their presence on the battlefield make a difference in terms of skill, their presence alone MUST boost soldier morale
  2. Even when the battle is almost lost their troops will rise up for him
  3. Even in death they are not lost
  4. They must be composed when everyone else is not
  5. Last but not least unparalleled dedication to the job Continue reading