Happy…death day?!

It’s Poison here people!

So Halloween has just passed us and now we’re in November. The month right before the most fun month of all…X-mas (yes I qualify X-mas as an entire month). So those of you who read yesterday’s post are probably feeling quite comfortable right now in thinking that The Infection has nothing to disgrace or defile in any way, shape or form because there’s nothing to defile…other than a few traditions and sacred occasions.

This month we’re going to be talking about soldiers, war, peace and we can’t forget revolution! That’s ground for endless conversation topics that are bound to offend people. Why? This is because the subject can have no end since there will never be an end to war so we’re always going to have something to talk about 😀 Alas, that’s not what I’m going to talk about in this post. Today is a very special day, it’s The day of the dead!

You’ve probably heard about it in a few cartoons here and there or if you’re educated then you’ll have heard about it in a class. The Day of the dead or All souls day is a roman catholic holiday that celebrates the passing away of loved ones. Now I’ve done some reading up on this and let me tell you all that you should all totally go to Mexico for this day since they make it seem alot more fun. Keep in mind that it is a religious holiday and so be prepared to possibly visit a church and have someone expect you to make offering. Here are some links to articles that will tell you more about the event, here and here.

Otherwise, here’s an informative video all about how our friends in Haiti and Mexico manage to spice up the fact that people are dead. Also, visit Haiti…they’ve got voodoo practitioners a.k.a witch doctors who I can guarantee will give you something to have an out of body experience 😉

Still…it’s time for me to be a little bit serious here and tell you all that the day of the dead is actually quite beautiful. This isn’t from personal account but it’s from other peoples accounts and I’ve seen pictures to prove it. People wear masks and dance and make it easier to bear the fact that someone they love has gone on to what we at The Infection do hope is a better place. As morbid as it sounds, I think that the greatest reward we’ll ever get for all our sorrows and troubles in life is the fact that we are able to die and I do sincerely hope, for those of you who have lost someone, that their pain is over. This is what the day of the dead is to celebrate, it celebrates the fact that people are able to move on and if not then the prayer is to let them know that our spirits are with them hoping for their journey towards their shangri-la.

All in all, hope you’ve been educated or at least arsed into looking farther into the celebrations. If not then I know that by reading this far into the article you’ve managed to at least learn that today (the date on this post) is the day of the dead.

Keep us entertained!



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