Risk Chapter 8

The joys of being a student…they overwhelm alot of  us here at The Infection right now. It’s midterm season and the majority of us are just confucked out of our minds right now. Aside from us, we know that alot of you readers do look to us for a little bit of entertainment to keep your mind off the fact that you may or may not be failing a class or two right now.  So in this weeks installment of Risk we find Poison with his own personal agenda. Tell me why I’m not surprised?! In other news, Spectrum descends into the darkness of the sewers to find Sketch and bring her back to the land of the living…all of this is in this week’s installment of Risk!

Risk Chapter 8

Spectrum and Poison drove down the highway towards the abandoned flea market. They sat together in silence as music played and the moonlight shone on the car in the darkness. They were in the bad part of the city, near the outskirts, that was where the market was located. It was about midnight now and they were chasing the lead on where Sketch was.

Poison sat in the passenger seat and read the documents from G.K’s office using his cell phone for light. The road they were on was a lonely and dark one that gave an ominous feeling driving down it. There was not a creature in sight as they sped down the road, not even another passerby car was there to reinsure that there was human life out in this desolate moonlit wasteland. The music played and both passengers sat in silence as they drove towards the forbidden place, then Spectrum spoke.


“We’re almost there” he said


“Cool” replied Poison. It was as if he had not been listening as he concentrated on the files in front of him.


“What’s in those files anyways?” asked Spectrum


“Nothing much, just some stuff I wanted to look over” replied Poison as he continued to read the files.


Spectrum continued driving as an aura of suspicion rose within him. It was unlike Poison to take on the job of other units and it was really unlike him to take on the work of a unit that was led by one of the founding members. Another thing that bothered Spectrum was that Poison had very limited knowledge of music and dance, so why would G.K give him important documents that dealt with the dance unit? The obvious choice would have to be him.

They approached the market and it was well lit by the tents and fires that were up all over the place. This place was the in-between for the definitions of Ghetto and poverty. There were rich people that slept like hobo’s here and poor people who were actually all struggling for survival. Spectrum pulled up slowly and turned off the headlights as whores approached his car, making offers of sex and favours in exchange for money. They rubbed their breasts on his window, kissed each other temptingly and even showed how ‘clean’ they looked.

Some were young and some were old, people of all ages hung out in this place and sadly there were whores of all ages there too. Spectrum slowly drove past all the sin in disgust, when he saw young girls, old men and elderly women making offers.


“Yo, Poison, where’s the entrance to this place?” Spectrum asked. Poison finally looked up from the files and pointed in the direction of the manhole that was covered in Graffiti.


“Yo Spex, this is gonna take you a while, you’ll have to convince her to get out and don’t use force on her…she’ll kick your ass. I’m gonna borrow the car for a bit and take care of some shit, that ok?” asked Poison


“Um, yeah sure, just be careful with it, ok” replied Spectrum. The car then stopped at the manhole. Spectrum then popped the trunk and got out. He pulled out a bag pack; he then closed the trunk and opened the manhole. He did not bother to waste time admiring the graffiti on the cover, he just went in. Spectrum descended into the darkness and he was all alone.


Meanwhile, Poison watched Spectrum go down into the gaping mouth of darkness and then shifted over to the driver seat. Poison shifted into reverse and sped off. He then did a 180 degree handbrake turn forward and shifted gear. He had a mission tonight Poison needed a file and one more person, Etch. The file he needed was one from G.K’s desk in the dance studio but it was closed for the night so he would have to break in. Etch was needed in order for Sketch to want to come back, but he had not told Spectrum this in order to buy himself more time. Poison had to clear his name up with Script so his first mission was to show him the files that he had now.

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