War, peace and Poison

Hello world it’s me, positive thinking Poison, to tell you all about what I think the point of war is. I’ll agree with Lionel and most people when they say that war really is good for nothing but I’ll disagree with them when they say there’s no point to it. War, combat and conflict are all a part of the human condition. From the beginning of civilization we humans have been fighting and the reason for it usually has been idealism. People can go to war on the premise of expanding territory or to bring ‘justice’ and ‘law’ to other people but at the end of the day war is just a means to spread ideals by force.

Now lets look at the positives of this method of the spread of ideals through force. A great example of a war that spread ideals through force would be the Crusades! As I hope you all know, the crusades were basically the European’s being imperialistic on the premise of spreading the ‘faith’ to the uncultured. This faith being Christianity. Now now, I know alot of people reading this are probably going ‘oh god Poison, you had to go mention the crusades’ and I’m glad you know me well. Now back to the point- Without the crusades and many other exploratory missions where people were killed and many a forgotten war started, the world would not be as it is today. Who’s to say that Christianity, the basis for most law in the western world today, would have spread as it did. The fact is without these wars, we wouldn’t have half the laws we have today.

War is also necessary to humanity because there are some people in this world who have no understanding of diplomacy. There are people, an example being Adolf Hitler, who simply go off and force their ideals on others believing that they are right. You can try to negotiate with these kinds of people in hopes of minimizing damages but the fact is that sometimes there are people you just cant negotiate with. I can understand when people tell me that Violence is never the answer and they’re completely right it never is the answer…it’s only the result of people coming up with too many damn wrong answers. Diplomacy should always be the first answer to any situation that can lead to violence but sometimes there are people that just want to fight to prove a point or some shit, that means you need to fight back. People who aren’t willing to defend themselves are the ones who end up being victims. Nietzsche once said “you can either live on your knees or die standing”. Personally I believe in standing up because I know that this life sure as hell isn’t worth living if you can’t live it the way you want to live and I know that there are other people out there like me. In thinking that there are others like me,  it’s sensible enough to believe that we could end up on two different sides of an ideal which could lead to war. So as long as people like me are around there will be wars to be fought and as long as there are people around then there will be more people like me. So those of you praying for world peace can keep praying, all I want is minimal damage to those not involved.

The next reason why I could think we need war is because without war the Earth is more or less doomed to overpopulation. Yes, you’ve probably heard this argument somewhere before but the fact is that without a war or few conflicts to kill off a few people we would be overpopulated. Hell, right now even with all the armed conflicts in the world we still don’t have enough food, water or places to live for everyone. The options are clear to me, it’s either people need to learn more about contraception and how to control their urges or we can keep killing each other in war. Most people would say ‘yeah, contraception is great lets do it’ but lets be honest with ourselves here people. Humans like three things- sex, food and violence. Which is another reason why we have war, it’s a place for people who enjoy violence and killing. Face it people- there are people that like this sick shit in the world and they’ve been around since the dawn of civilization.  If we didn’t have a few wars to send them into then the general populace would be stuck with them maiming and killing innocents. Anyways, the fact is that we need war for population control.

So in all my positive vibe about war you don’t need to ask if I think it will ever end. The fact is that it will never end.As unnecessary as it is for us to fight each other, combat and conflict are a part of our design. The reason why I think people are unhappy with war is because as time goes by it’s become more and more inhumane. We keep developing weapons to kill in a more efficient manner yet the old ones did the jobs just fine. We keep searching for new ways to kill the enemy faster yet we still call ourselves civilized. The complete lack of sensibility that has gone into war is what baffles us, not the war itself. We know we need the war for all the reasons listed but at the same time do we need to take shit so far? Did you know that Einstein‘s dying wish was for an end to the use of nuclear weapons? I think it’s because he realized how senseless war had become at that point, after prompting the government to create what they created. He probably realized at that point that if we don’t start putting our efforts into a new direction then we’re all going nowhere. If we were to put as much effort into the development of medicines and technology that could actually help people as we do into weapons of modern warfare I know that we could achieve so much that would benefit the world. Alas, nothing will ever change the cycle of history as civilization continues to dance to the endless waltz of war, peace and revolution. Somebody prove me wrong, please! Here’s a clip for y’all, it might be from a cartoon but there is truth in it.  Time stamp is at 3:30, she might be an evil little girl but she does present a point…however twisted it may be.

Entertain me with your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “War, peace and Poison

  1. Cant agree with this point of view. Grouping all the war’s that have happened in this world’s history as “just a means to spread ideals by force” is looking at the issue though a tunnel so to speak.

    I agree with you fully, that war is not a pointless act…just not for the trivial reasons posted in this article.

    War can be-and usually is-the result of someone/something fighting AGAINST another entity, who has decided to spread their ideals by force.

    Remember, it takes two party’s (at least) the create a war.

    For example, in WWII, a dude named Hitler decided he wanted thing done a certain way. A way that would not work out for the rest of the world. Are you saying that if the other party’s involved in WWII did the “just” thing and did not fight back (thus not creating a “war”) the world would be a better place?

    War is a necessary part of the world, and no matter what actions are taken, war will NEVER be a thing of the past. as long as their are free minds…their will be war.

    Consider the pot, stirred.

    1. Ooh, Spectrum you’re alive.
      I’ll agree with you that my view is looking at the issue through a tunnel but I didn’t want to make the article too long for reader sake.

      Your point holds that war isn’t only started for my trivial reasons but it’s also started for defensive purpose as well. I didn’t make it clear in the article- sorry about that. Around the part where I was talking about how diplomacy should be the first option, which I know was tried in WWII, there are times where people’s ideals are just wrong. No matter what you do, you can’t convince them to take a better course of action which leads to others having to take up preventative action. In this case the preventative action in WWII was to stop Hitler’s plans. So to answer your question- no, the world would not be a better place if we did the ‘just’ thing and stand and watch. Hell…what part of it would be ‘just’ to sit and watch as others suffer unjustly in any situation when you have the power to stop it?

      War isn’t just about the pushing forward of ideals but it’s also about the defense of ideals, in the case of WWII it was defense of the idea that people are born to be free and believe in whatever they want without having to be persecuted or punished for it. As well as defending the idea that imperialism is not the way to spread an ideal properly if it’s really righteous. A truly righteous ideal will spread without the use of guns or weapons- that’s what I believe. Why? Because if an ideal is truly righteous then the results of it will show themselves in time without having to scare people into believing it.

      Still, I’m going back to where I started here. Wars have started for a number of reasons like greed, fear, ignorance…the list can go on. The fact is that it doesn’t take much to start a war and all you need are enough people with enough reasons who believe that they have little to lose if they fight and too much to lose if they don’t fight, then you have a war.

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