Remember This!?

This week is quite the week in terms of war history. There’s alot of stuff we have to remember that happened in the past. More importantly we have to remember what we learned from the past and know that we have to carry these things into the future to make a better tomorrow. Sure, everyday there’s a new battle taking place somewhere and everyone has their own personal wars to fight at times but we still can’t go forgetting why we have to keep remembering the past and it’s lessons.

So earlier this week we celebrated The Fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago. On November 9th, 1989 was when the wall that separated communist east Germany from west Germany fell. This wall was one of the effects of World War 2 on Germany. Because of this wall many people were killed, separated from their families and the entire nation was divided due to a simple breach in ideologies.  Those of you who know the history behind the Iron Curtain know that there’s alot more to it than this but I’m currently sick while writing this and I can’t be arsed to push myself to explain the factors completely. Still, the fact is that people were trapped behind this wall for more than a quarter of a century with their access to the rest of the world almost cut from them. It’s a damn good thing it’s gone!

This wall was one of the after effects of a war that never needed to happen and never would have happened if the people had the will to stand up for themselves. Alas, in Germany prior to World War II people were still suffering from the after effects of the first world war. Sure Hitler was a madman but he came into power and delivered results…given the people’s situation at the time, I can understand them believing in his ideals simply for the fact that theirs weren’t working for them and his ideals delivered what they wanted. I also blame those who put such a harsh punishment on the people of Germany…sure some of it was deserved but at the same time it was cruel. Still…it’s the victors who write history and decide things, not the losers and they lost so that’s how it is.

Next to the fall of the Berlin wall we skip ahead to November 11th. To me that would still be today but as far as the date this post is stamped with I’m late. Forgive me but I’m sick and the other members are off and away on other business. Appreciate our devotion to you people and our cause! So ‘today’ is Remembrance day! This holiday is an international one that celebrates the day the peace treaty that ended the first world war was signed. One would think that on this day everyone would be willing to drop their guns for a moment but alas as far as human history goes, there have been many a treaty signed to end many a war and eventually they all crumble to dust before another war happens. In this case I could name more than enough examples of wars that happened after World War I…like the second world war. Now not to be a complete pessimist I’ll get to the point of the day.

Remembrance day is there for us to know and recognize the fact that war is always something that should never have to happen but it does and it always will. The wars that go on today, we’ll look back on them in history books one day or those in later generations will look at those books and think ‘how primitive’. Remembrance day, for me, is there to show not that I have respect for the war or the cause but at the least I can respect anyone willing to die defending something they believe in and for us to remember that we’ve lost a great individual because of great ignorance. Hell, sometimes the person we’re remembering might not have been that great in life but we can let them have some leeway since they are dead anyways.

So, As most of you know most of us at The Infection are Canadian. I grew up in Canada and out here there’s a poem we  read out every year. I remember having to memorize this poem as an elementary school child…I’ve long since forgotten most of the lines now.  This poem is so popular that it’s even on our $5 dollar bill. So to close this little post I leave you with a reading of Flanders Fields. Keep me entertained!

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