The Revolutionary and the Terrorist

Alright people, so this week I’ve got alot on my mind but I’m going to be a good little boy and try to keep our minds within the topic. So y’all remember a few month’s back we had the whole ‘Gardiner Party’ incident? lemme recap you on what happened back then.

On May 10th 2009 Tamil demonstrators occupied the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, successfully blocking the expressway in both directions. Using the Gardiner Expressway as their stage they put on a performance of a protest to garner the attention of the people of Toronto, the police and the government.

Now back then, as I recall, there were some people calling the LTTE revolutionaries. This was something I also recall pissed Lionel off monumantally. Alas, my non stop thinking mind brought up the issue of Revolutionaries versus Terrotists. Now what constitutes one as a revolutionary or as a terrorist? Now my tunnel vision tells me that the answer to this is quite simple- the winner of the war is the one who decides who was a revolutionary and who was a terrorist. 

Think about it, when Fidel Castro and Che Guevara invaded Cuba and overthrew the  government in place they were considered revolutionaries. Now think about what would have happened if they had lost. They might have and most likely would have been branded as terrorists. Hell, Fidel Castro is one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century- I will debate this if I must- yet for going against America who backed the Batista regime that he helped to overthrow they have branded him as a horrible dictator.  Thank you media. That little fact brings me to another point that I can’t forget- public support.

Another thing that’s necessary for any kind of war or revolution is public support. If you do not have the support of the public then you are either destined to fail or be branded as a terrorist for continuing your campaign. There’s a thin line between being a revolutionary and a terrorist. As long as you have the support of the people then you are a revolutionary but if you lose the support of the people then you get to be branded as a terrorist. Public support is key if you are a revolutionary going up against a government. Michael Corleone said it best when he said “Soldiers are paid to fight, rebels aren’t” this is because rebels are supported by the public willingly.

A little more about public support. In order to be considered a revolutionary your actions must cause the least damage possible to the public. A proper revolutionary fights for the people and does not take blood money or anything innocent blood was unnecessarily spilled for in order to support their cause. This is where the LTTE really went wrong…they were actively selling drugs, bombing public places and taxing the people. I understand that sacrifices have to be made in order for a revolution to take place and people do die but not needlessly. The only people that need to suffer are those involved directly. In general, people tend to support a military cause when it’s not them or their loved ones getting involved. Once the conflict reaches their front doors is when they start giving a shit.

Finally, the last difference between the terrorist and the revolutionary is that revolutionaries fight for righteous cause. Now the big question of ‘what is righteous cause?’ comes into effect here. ‘Righteous cause’ is usually the banner that both sides fly under in any conflict. They both believe that they’re right and so they fight. The question of WHO is right is what the people have to answer for themselves. Once the people have given their answer there is no longer a need for any more revolutionaries but if the ‘revolutionaries’ continue to fight that is when they become terrorists. A good example of this is the Mexican Revolution, a constant whirlpool of people going from revolutionaries and turning into terrorists by the end of it all.

Anyways, forgive me for my rambling thoughts but I figured I would put it out there. Keep me entertained with your thoughts!

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