A new ally appears!

Listen up people! We’ve got a new member here at The Infection! We want to welcome Rockpopple to the table!! He’s yet another of the talented artists we’ve added to our ever growing roster of artists. So here’s some of his artwork for y’all to check out and keep an eye on his gallery to make sure he keeps up the good work!

Beware, content is not work safe…show everybody you know AND your mother!

First we’ve got a HORRIFICALLY ACCURATE self portrait of him. Yes ladies, he’s this well cut…minus the blue skin.Alas people, if you like pics with skin then he’s the man to trust! Check this pic out!

Now these teaser pics are only a sample of what our boy has to offer you. We would show more but you can visit his gallery on Deviantart if you like what you see.  So to tell a little about him, he’s a personal friend to Poison and a respected artist. This man is someone with ideas who’s going places. Currently he’s been accepted into the Mohawk College comic design and scripting course. He works hard and he improves quickly so keep an eye on him cause where you think he is one minute, the next minute he isn’t- he’s like a ninja. Since he has so much to say  andwe’ve so crowed with people over here with us at The Infection, check out his personal blog for his insights.

Anyways people…Trust us when we tell you all that our artists have only been holding back since it’s their first year out on the scene with us but be sure that in 2010 they wont be holding punches! Rockpopple already has the head start so keep looking at him and us to see what other hits we deliver!

Keep us entertained!

2 thoughts on “A new ally appears!

    1. Well…if you dont want to be with us then we understand T_T
      Plus…we kind of drafted you during nuit blanche lol You were a free agent in need of promotion and we promote free agents and…yes.

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