Give me anything but that!

So this month we’re talking about War here at The Infection. I, Poison, am currently in bed writing this and hopefully I am going to make a point out of this before my mind turns into a pile of mush and I say ‘fuck this’ and go to sleep. So the thought I’m having here is how sad it is that we’re so apathetic about war and many of the worlds problems thanks to all the things in the media that we have to distract us from the fact that a shitload of people are dying and whatnot all over the world. It took a very random train of thoughts to get to this. So this week I’ve been racking my mind on ‘what do we talk about involving war next?’. So I figured that I would talk about how desensitized the media around us has made us about wars and alot of shit around the world.

All around us, everywhere, in your faces and in your lives you are swamped with so many different ways to escape the many problems of life. From television, the internet, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll you’ve got it all. All ways for us to run from the harsh realities of life and there are more that I care not to mention. This is a bit of a personal issue for me so forgive me readers if I lose the little professional work quality I had writing these articles. This year I learned alot about escapism and how it can begin as a good thing but too much of it can become a bad thing. When people become self indulgent it only leads to more thoughtless selfish action and people get hurt. Now…my thought is that this is exactly what’s happening to the world around us, to everyone right now.

You see, people have simply accepted war and many things that could be prevented, if not stopped, as inevitable and have somewhat given up on even trying to prevent it from happening. This has become so bad that at some points we even endorse these acts yet we go out and say that’s it’s for the benefit of us all. My question is, how does this benefit us? My first example of  people simply accepting and endorsing war and warfare is the discovery channel show ‘Future Weapons’ . I wont lie- I do enjoy the show alot but while watching them destroy shit with really cool weapons of tomorrow I do ask myself ‘isn’t that a little overkill…?’ here’s a clip of my favorite weapon for you guys to watch.

Yes…an automatic shotgun. Sure the prototype was made in the 1970’s but the fact is that people feel the need to expand on such a weapon and endorse it on this show. Hell the entire show, to me, endorses modern warfare. It’s shit like this show that helps to make us so desensitized to war. Think about it- just look at the weapon. Now think more- imagine the damage this could do to a human being?! Are we seeing my point here? This weapon and many others showcased on this show are what helps to desensitize us to modern warfare. We see that thing in action and we think ‘wow, what destructive power’ and not about the fact that HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WILL PROBABLY BE KILLED BY THIS THING. Tell me I’m wrong! This is one of those situations where I want to hear that I’m wrong…even if I wont believe that the first thought in your mind wasn’t about taking one of those things out to shoot it, it’s nice to hear we still like to lie about being humane.

Aside from people simply accepting and endorsing war and other disasters in the world we have other ways people try to escape the fact that people are out there dying.  Video games are a prime example…forgive me my gamer brothers, we enjoy killing aliens and such but you can’t lie and not tell me that over the years it hasn’t desensitized you to violence. Hell, I’m a self proclaimed sadist and I personally need the violence as my escape from the world but if I didn’t have video games I would probably need less of it than I do now to get my good adrenaline fix. Still, video games are fun. The media also promotes empty values through television and music, which the video game industry has become polluted with. Yes, I said polluted. The empty values that television and music promote has caused people to further disconnect themselves with the world around them and the problems that we have to tackle- here’s another clip for evidence of the empty values that society promotes through television.

This show about some rich, stupid, sodding, lower life form, Californian cows a.k.a The Hills is one of the many ways people have been wasting their goddamn time. Now I know that I shouldn’t judge them Fuck that. I know I waste time that could be spent doing good and speaking out about the worlds problems by playing video games and reading comic books but at least my entertainment is somewhat intellectually stimulating. The Hills is a show for people who want to wish and whine and emulate the lifestyles of some spoiled American white children who pretend to have ambitions for something important when they know that they’re going to inherit money from a trust fund or get paid off handsomely by MTV. The invention of reality television is the newest and sickest way that society has found to cut ourselves off from the realities of life. Those rich, beautiful kids with their fancy ass cars and whatnot don’t have to suffer the slings and arrows of an outrageous economy like us. They probably wont ever have to do a hard days work for most of their natural born lives and yet they’re going to be the ones we see on television and in the media ‘speaking out about the issues’ while we, the people, are the ones who are going to be doing shit. Or maybe we wont be…we might be watching them and nodding our heads like ‘yeah, someone should do something’

Alas, aside from problems across the world going on we still do have our own little issues to deal with. Now this isn’t a call to activism, so don’t think I’m telling you all to go out and join a cause or give money to something- although it would be great if you did.  What I do want to say is that at the pace we’re going we’re becoming too disconnected from the issues at hand. Sure we have our own lives and problems but at the same time there are some things in our lives that we’re putting too much importance on that just isn’t necessary. Everyone is so caught up in trying to get into a certain lifestyle- the one promoted by the media. You know what I’m talking about- sex appeal, money and fame. What for? Who are you trying to satisfy?  Yourself or the others around you? Personally, after the events that went on in my life- I learned that alot of that shit isn’t really worth it because you lose sight of the bigger picture. The world is bigger than just me, you and your group of friends and family. Too bad people just clump these people into their one group/tribe and protect theirs and their own. Back to the point- we’re all too disconnected.

Everywhere I look, it’s people running from one thing to another to try and escape the world. I’ve had people tell me that I’m too damn negative and cynical…well fuck it. I am cynical because there isn’t much that’s good right now. I appreciate the fact that there are some good things around us but I wont dismiss the fact there there’s a shitload of pointless problems out there that could be solved if people just started paying attention. Alas, continue your lives- please. Ignore my ramblings but do me a favor, pick up a paper on any day and tell me what you see makes the headlines. Tell me if you’re surprised or shocked at what you see, I’m willing to bet you wont be. It’s because you expected no less of the world and you’ve come to accept it. Desensitization is great isn’t it?

Keep me entertained people!

2 thoughts on “Give me anything but that!

  1. Just to defend video games, I’ve played them for years and I don’t think they’ve desensitized me to violence. Maybe cartoon violence or obviously fake movie and tv violence, but I still get chills running up and down my spine and legs whenever I see someone take a nasty spill off a skateboard irl or on tv (if it’s real), and I still can’t stand watching JFK get his brains blown out on video, even though I’ve blown up plenty of brains playing video games. 😛

    Anyway, to get to your last point, I honestly don’t know if people are becoming more disconnected from each other, or are just connecting to each other in different ways, because of the internet. If you look at the last 100 years, because of the advent of technology people have become less connected in the old ways. I don’t think it’s getting worse now. In fact, some people think because of the internet that in some ways it’s getting better.

    Food for thought!

    1. I wont say that thing’s haven’t gotten better but at the same time things definitely have gotten worse.
      I’m also in defense of video games since I know that I wouldn’t be less violent without videogames. That’s only some kids (the stupid ones). I’ve spent most of my life playing adventure/RPG games so its all been heavy text and puzzles. I spent a large amount of my childhood getting into fights and being kicked out of school…people blamed cartoons but the cartoons I watched usually taught that it was ok to fight in self defense (which was usually my reason for fighting) anyways…that’s besides the point.

      What I was really trying to address is the fact that people are doing more and more to escape and I think that right now what we need is some shock therapy. We need to be shown more to remind us that while we entertain ourselves with whatever it is we want to see or hear, the rest of the world is still going on and we can’t simply immerse ourselves in the lifestyle we’re living in.

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