Risk Chapter 9

It”s been a while and some of you may be needing an update on what’s happened thus far in this little drama…well you can read it all by clicking on the ‘Risk’ category. All the chapters we’ve put up so far are there so go on and read. Hell, you can do the same thing with the first story, Snowflake. We’ve got all the chapters there for you to enjoy if you’re new to the story!

Now for this week’s installment. In this week’s installment of ‘Risk’ we meet up with Spectrum who has been charged with a mission, retrieve Sketch. It’s an easy sounding mission…the only thing is if he will make it past the spirits that await him at the bottom of the sewers!  Now for this week thrilling installment of…Risk!

Risk Chapter 9

Spectrum was now at the bottom of the manhole. He could see moonlight at the end of the tunnel he stood in. The light was eerie yet calming, he could still not see what was wrong with the place. He walked forward and as he approached he could smell water and grass. Whoever said that water does not have a smell was lying because he could smell it. He made it to the top of the waterfall and looked down into the moonlight bath.

He now saw why this place was called the forbidden place. It was the most beautiful place he ever saw in his life. The great tapestry called out to him as he stood and looked at it in awe. It was a hieroglyph telling the story of two lovers. He could immediately determine that but the question nagging the back of his mind was why it was there?

Spectrum didn’t even bother to find a ladder as he jumped into the fresh water down below. It was cool and refreshing as he dove down and saw small fish of all colours swimming peacefully around him. He could see some limestone at the bottom of the pool that would probably explain why the water was clean enough for fish.

The limestone had cleaned out the water over the years and it became a sanctuary. The grass had been placed there by human hands, obviously, but how did it grow? What had been fertilizing it all the time? Spectrum surfaced from underwater and saw an eerie looking pale girl with long white hair and steely gray eyes sitting on the grass crying. It was a scene straight out of a horror movie.

She had noticed him and he was scared shitless so he dove again and stayed there as long as he could hold his breath. He sat at the limestone bottom and tried to think of a way to make a quick escape. He would tell the others that Sketch was not there and that would be the end of it. There wasn’t anyone there to verify his story so he was the only reliable source, they could all go and meet their deaths by the ghost themselves if they felt like it.

Sadly, his thoughts were interrupted when something dove in beside him, when he looked it was the same crying white haired spectre he had seen. He swam like he never swam before, looking frantically for a way out but it was too late and something grabbed his leg, he looked back and it was the spectre. He surfaced; if he was going to die then he would get a good glimpse of his killer and curse them for eternity.

There was water in his eyes when he surfaced and it took him a while for his vision to clear up. When his vision was clear he looked and saw that the spectre was not a spectre but a girl, which looked somewhat familiar to him. Spectrum took a second look at the pale beauty and saw that it was Sketch. Her face was dripping wet as she swam in front of him and his eyes immediately moved down towards her dripping wet shirt that clung to her skin now that it was wet, she then slapped him and it echoed throughout the sanctuary.


“Pervert” she said as Spectrum looked at her with an astonished look in his face.


“Ah, what was that for? I come to look fuh you rass an den you come up an slap me!” Spectrum retorted as he followed her out of the water.


“You were looking at my boobs and shit you fucking perv!” replied Sketch as she walked out of the water and started ringing out her long white hair.


“I was looking to see if you were ok! My god! I’m not that kind of person!” jokingly replied Spectrum.


“ya right…”she said in a sarcastic tone “You got a comb on you or something?” asked Sketch


“Naw, sorry” said Spectrum.


They stood there in silence for over an hour, admiring the large tapestry. It was faded but the story was well known to Sketch. Not many people knew the story of this place and over time it was twisted and turned into a place of great evil. That was a gift and a curse to the lovers who made this sanctuary. Sketch then started to cry again and Spectrum knew that it was his job to give counsel to the girl.

He had known her since the day that Poison introduced her to him 4 years ago, she was not like other girls in the sense that she wasn’t the stereotypical emotional type but lately she was which he found strange. Spectrum stood behind her as she sat on the grass, he was helpless to do anything, something that he hated, not only that but he had a mission to complete and she was the mission.

She sat on the grass crying and then she motioned for Spectrum to sit down with her so he sat beside her. They looked up at the tapestry and she sobbed in the moonlight, then a cloud blocked the moon and they were in darkness. They sat in the darkness together and then she spoke.


“Do you know the story of the tapestry?” asked Sketch


“No” replied Spectrum


“It’s ok; I wanna hear it so I’ll tell it to you” said Sketch in between sobs.”It was about 50 or 60 years ago” she began “There were these two lovers, like early taggers. They were both real poor and they wanted to make some place to live, somewhere to call home, ya know?” she said. “The two lovers were too poor to afford a real house and they had like no education so they couldn’t get good jobs to make money. They searched for a place until they found this abandoned part of the sewer one night when they were looking for some place to sleep. It was perfect for them and they thought that they would have a piece of a dream but it would end real quick. War times came and things were real rough, the girl got pregnant and she had a miscarriage, that or she starved to death along with their kid. The guy now was all alone and real sad, typical romance story shit. He didn’t kill himself though he made this place and then somebody saw it and he got a job as an artist, he lived his life and died.” she said. “For some reason that story speaks to me since he made an eternal testament to their love but he went on living his life no matter how much it hurt to go on”  she said and then she began to cry again.

Spectrum haphazardly patted her on the back as she cried her eyes out. He was still at a disposition as he did not know what to say so he thought it best to just say nothing and let her do all the talking.


“Spectrum, since it’s just us here, can you keep a secret?” Sketch asked.


“Sure” he replied


“I wanted to be far away from A-Soul, you, Poison and the others. I…was going through a rough time. Shit was going through my head that I didn’t understand, I’m not even sure of what I’m saying right now.” she said between sobs. “Then to top off my problems there was the whole deal with Sforza and the snowflakes. Now I’ve lost my boyfriend to you guys and all I have for it is a shitty snowflake!” she screamed.


The moon then came back and the memorial was lit up once again. Sketch then drove her hand down her shirt and pulled up the third snowflake. It was a dazzling jewel that was the size of a fist and in the center of this jewel was a ruby that had been diamond carved into the shape of a woman that looked as if she were embracing the universe like a blazing star. The moonlight shone on it and lights of all colours came from it creating a miniature aurora borealis. This was the third snowflake.


“This is it” said Sketch. “Of all the things that I thought would fuck up things really badly, this was not it, I would have rather had the baby!” she said and then she cried.

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