New Deviantart group!

Alright people! It’s Poison here again to announce the formation of a brand new group on Deviantart for all you artists out there who want to improve yourselves and be a part of an awesome artistic community.

People on Portfolios is the name of the group and currently our focus is to gather a group of people together who want to build their portfolios, improve as artists and simply wish to meet with other artists to discuss and exchange art.

So the group was formed by Pikatuff and the primary focus at the moment is to help people prepare a portfolio for the Sheridan Bachelor of Applied arts- Animation program. Otherwise, even if you aren’t prepping a portfolio for Sheridan’s animation program this group is geared towards helping all people prepare both academic and professional portfolio work. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some professional artists from the DA community to join us and give out some of their advice to those of us who wish to go into art professionally.

If you’re an artist who’s looking for advice or is willing to give some then please be sure to join us and check us out on Deviantart!

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The journey thus far…

So it’s officially been 1 year since we came out to all of you loyal and lovely readers. To commemorate our anniversary I, Poison, have dug up for you all some of our most popular posts from this year. Ah…the sweet memories.

So in typical Lionel fashion (yes, I’ve coined it as such, so sue me Leo) we’re going to do this in a list format. Another top 10 list for you all to read, review and as usual…something you bitches WONT comment on! Why?! Because there’s nothing to ever disagree with and we’re that awesome! ūüėÄ

Alright, so coming in at the number ten spot we have…

Featured Web comic: Sister Claire– Still a great web comic although I’ll admit I got bored of it and no longer follow it.¬† Still, we do hope that alot of you all did get to follow it since it is a great comic. I just happened to move onto other comics that interested me more and shit happened and…yeah.

9) A new ally Appears!- This was a joyous occasion for us when we managed to get Rockpopple to join our cause. A good artist and a good man, he’s out for gold in his recent assault on his gallery in Deviantart. Check out his gallery and comment on his work for us please! We hate when people look at the art and not comment!

8)New Comic preview:Ganguro girl– Yes…this was a failure on my part since I had to cancel out on you all. Given the amount of fanfare it’s received from you all I know that you want to see it happen. I do too… Still, hopefully we can launch it in the new year as a web comic of some sort for you all to enjoy. We’ll keep you entertained with progress on this.

7) What is love?– This is a personal favorite from way back in January-February. When we first hit the net this shit was like fire. I learned alot about love in writing this and in the comments I received, thank you all. Next year when this comes around I’m definitely going to get more in depth with this and properly present a case as to why I still dont believe in romantic love. I was also directed to The Triangular theory of love which comes across to me as very interesting.¬† We also can’t forget the song to go with this little post!

6)Mission statement- Yeah…I’m glad to know that our mission here at The Infection is something that people enjoy reading about.¬† It’s good to know that you all know what we’re about here. We do apologize for the fact that some of the things we promised at the beginning are not apparent but in the new year we will be working harder to make sure that we live up to the standards we put out for ourselves.

5)They must be giants..giant robots!– The Gundam 30th anniversary post by Lionel. This was a good one and we’re sure that you all thought so too. It’s hard to believe that giant robots have been around for that long. Hopefully, we will be able to go to Japan someday and see some of the giant robots they have there. There isn’t just Gundam but there are a few other giant robot models on the little crazy island of Japan.

4)Talented Artists– The talented artists page better be the page you visit! There are so many artists we know that just deserve to be having their names out in the public eye. Regardless of our opinions and what we do, there are artists who we want to be known for their skills and dedication. So please check out the page and check out the artists we know.

3) Top 10 wonderful Halloween costume ideas– A post by the most stylish Lionel Heart on how not to look like a complete ass on Halloween.Yes, you’ll be drinking and partying but you can at least look good while doing it. Lionel give his common sense fashion advice to those of you who just cant seem to choose between the blue jeans and the blue jeans.

2)Hot and Heavily inked– This post has to be the most explicit post I’ve ever written. I even posted an early pornographic cartoon on the damn thing…to this day it still gets hits when it was done months ago. What worries me is what people search up to get to this post…yes I see the terms you sick fucks use to get here and even I’m shocked. The lesson I’ve learned in that little excursion is that the internet is full of sick, horny, bastards.

Now, for the number 1 position this year, it goes to…Cronus! His brilliant post on kingdom hearts as well as his rare appearances on The Infection have made us quite happy. His one post has managed to rack up most of our page views in the past year. If we didn’t have him and his skills here then we would be somewhat sunk. Cheers to a good year! Now…

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So long and farewell!

Alright so we’ve got some sad news to share with you but we hope that you all dont take it too badly.

Pikatuff has left us. Alas, she was drafted into this group and it wasn’t our right to keep her here with us any longer. Still, we hold no ill feelings towards her and hope for the best with her. Just letting ya know Pika- Poison has your back if you need it! Now before you all leave please be sure to check out her artwork on her deviant art page as well as our other talented friends!

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Risk Chapter 10

Alright people! we’re almost at the end! Soon we’ll be getting to my favorite parts of this damn quadrilogy! For now…we’ll be at the end of Risk soon. Just 7 more chapters to go! New Years eve 2009 is when it all ends. So it is written, so it shall be done!

In this chapter we’ve managed to catch up with Etch and he’s been without Sketch for a while now. Poison and Script X are in a plot together, have they resolved their differences? Or are they putting them aside for a common goal? Find out more in this week’s installment of Risk! Continue reading

Top Ten favorite weapons of war!

So our war month is over¬† here at The Infection but we do have one last thing to share with you-another list.¬† We’re getting close to the non-denominational gift giving season and some of you out there are probably feeling that it’s high time we stop with all the war mongering before the holidays. Alas, I agree with you all…just not for the reason’s you all wish. I personally want to get onto other more spicy subjects we’ve got planned for you this month. Otherwise, lets talk about guns and other weapons! Continue reading

Only the greatest advertisement ever!

Ok, so i’ve seen alot of advertising campaigns done before. Many very unique and interesting but nothing has ever caught my eye like this one…

As you can see it’s a koodo mobile advertisement and I have to say that this is one of the most unique advertisements I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, interactive and damn funny. I’m not a fan of gingerbread men or cookies but when they’re as deliciously evil as the one in this koodo mobile advertisement you can’t help but want a cookie afterwards.

Be sure that The Infection is in no way, shape or form profiting from the endoresment of this. We dont really give a damn which cell phone provider you’re with since they’re all crooks. Fact is that this advertisement is unique and the other thing that gets me about it is that it’s a CANADIAN advertisement.

I rarely get to see advertisements this unique anywhere in Canada and the United States…they’re all the same or similar and they dont pique my interests one damn bit unless it’s something I already wanted/needed before. I’ve only seen ad’s this entertaining come out of Asia or Europe. Here’s an example of a McDonald’s commercial from Japan.

Yes, it makes no sense. Yes, it relates to the product in¬†no way whatsoever.¬†Yes, the use of sex appeal is blatant.¬†Are you entertained? Probably¬†because it’s so damn funny.¬†When I¬†go¬†to Japan and I see a McDonalds I will always burst out laughing¬†because of that commercial.¬†Yes, it does no good for advertising the purpose of the¬†place but it’s a new twist on a burger commercial¬†which is what¬†we need to see more of! ¬†

With the holiday season coming near I figured that I would share this with you all in the hopes that you’re entertained by their interactive game and give you ideas on what to buy people for X-mas.

Anyways, keep me entertained!