Only the greatest advertisement ever!

Ok, so i’ve seen alot of advertising campaigns done before. Many very unique and interesting but nothing has ever caught my eye like this one…

As you can see it’s a koodo mobile advertisement and I have to say that this is one of the most unique advertisements I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, interactive and damn funny. I’m not a fan of gingerbread men or cookies but when they’re as deliciously evil as the one in this koodo mobile advertisement you can’t help but want a cookie afterwards.

Be sure that The Infection is in no way, shape or form profiting from the endoresment of this. We dont really give a damn which cell phone provider you’re with since they’re all crooks. Fact is that this advertisement is unique and the other thing that gets me about it is that it’s a CANADIAN advertisement.

I rarely get to see advertisements this unique anywhere in Canada and the United States…they’re all the same or similar and they dont pique my interests one damn bit unless it’s something I already wanted/needed before. I’ve only seen ad’s this entertaining come out of Asia or Europe. Here’s an example of a McDonald’s commercial from Japan.

Yes, it makes no sense. Yes, it relates to the product in no way whatsoever. Yes, the use of sex appeal is blatant. Are you entertained? Probably because it’s so damn funny. When I go to Japan and I see a McDonalds I will always burst out laughing because of that commercial. Yes, it does no good for advertising the purpose of the place but it’s a new twist on a burger commercial which is what we need to see more of!  

With the holiday season coming near I figured that I would share this with you all in the hopes that you’re entertained by their interactive game and give you ideas on what to buy people for X-mas.

Anyways, keep me entertained!

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