Top Ten favorite weapons of war!

So our war month is over  here at The Infection but we do have one last thing to share with you-another list.  We’re getting close to the non-denominational gift giving season and some of you out there are probably feeling that it’s high time we stop with all the war mongering before the holidays. Alas, I agree with you all…just not for the reason’s you all wish. I personally want to get onto other more spicy subjects we’ve got planned for you this month. Otherwise, lets talk about guns and other weapons!

I have no real criteria for rating or ranking these weapons, I just happen to like these ones alot more than others. So here goes…

10) Coming in at the number 10 spot is none other than The Longsword. You’ve seen them used by knights and other heroes of the realms and the trusty longsword is always ever effective. I respect this weapon as a lover of swords but alas the blade was not made for people of the small or less muscular stature. Being a man of little muscle or size I find it quite awkward to handle a sword that’s just so big in relation to myself. Not only that but the weapon is so cliche to me…I just think ‘knights of the round’ when I look at a longsword.

9) The Dagger- Any warrior, no matter what the era is, should be somewhat skilled in knife combat. The trusty dagger makes it to this list at my number 9 spot because it’s so damn useful. Everyone can use it, no matter what size or weight you are and it comes in handy for more than just combat. Alas, it only makes the 9 spot because it’s only good in close quarter combat…unless you’re some amazing knife throwing bastard.

8) MAC-10– Oh yeah, the first gun on the list. I’ve got alot of guns I like although I would never use one myself.  My first love is swords but my mistress is a gun.  This one is one of the ones you’ll find in my gun play harem. Still, they only make it to this point on the list since they are almost useless as guns for aiming and shooting. They’re honestly meant for gangsters pulling of ride-by shootings and not really giving a damn about who they hit that’s nearby. I need accuracy in my gun, not just rapid fire.

7) Uzi- The  Israeli made Uzi sub-machine gun.  I’m a fan of sub-machine guns and this has to be one of my favorite guns on the list. I love it for it’s style and effectiveness as a weapon. It’s size also makes it easy to carry and hide. It’s a weapon made for suburban modern warfare but it can prove itself well in a full out combat situation.Here’s an educational video about the gun and it’s history.

6) Thompson Sub-machine gun a.k.a Tommy gun- Those of you who have watched a gangster movie and know who Elliot Ness or Al Capone are will know many of my primary reasons for falling in love with this gun. One day I wish to own one of these guns…in pink. Yeah…I’m gonna buy a Tommy gun, paint it pink and I’ll call it my ‘Tami’ gun. Aside from my playing favorites, this weapon is one of the most famous guns in arms history for a reason. It was a major innovation in all sub machine guns and proved itself as the weapon of use for American forces in both World war 2 and Korea.  Watch this video for some more info.

5) Saif- An Arabian curved sword,  the kind you usually see Sinbad using  or you should see him using. I love Persian myths and the tales of the Arabian nights so for me to fall in love with this sword is no big surprise.  As a weapon, compared to the guns before it’s completely useless and I wouldn’t bother to place it up against a longsword.

4) Japanese Katana-  Personally this sword would never leave my arsenal. This blade is made for surgical, precise, killing.  It’s a blade made for people like me who need to end things quickly. No, it probably wont do much to the armor of a knight but it can damn well do a nice job of slicing people to bits real quick. Not that a broadsword cant do the same thing but the question I pose is this- “can you lift it?” Yeah…for someone as weak as myself the light Katana is a beautiful instrument of death.

3) Colt 45 Single Action Army  revolver– It’s a weapon with style people. One of the most powerful handguns ever made, it’s also a weapon with history. It’s the gun that won the American west and it’s won my heart simply because it’s a weapon that screams of character. That’s one thing I like in a weapon, it has to have character. Yes, one is more effective than the other but it still has to have some character. If you asked me to carry this gun to war with me then the answer would be ‘hell no, I’m taking an automatic weapon’ but this gun is a pretty little thing to look at.

2)Ak-47-This weapon is so famous, so bad ass and so well known that there are nations that have put it on their flags and coat of arms. Governments love the damn thing because it’s so damn cheap and easy to use. There are children out there (sad as it is) who are able to use this gun effectively. The AK 47 is one of the most well known and versatile weapons in the world. It’s been around for so long that there are many guns that have spawned in use under it’s influence.  You can go anywhere in the world and I can guarantee you that the AK-47 has been in use there at some point.

1)Minigun– This gun is overkill…and I love it. It’s big, loud and effective. It fires at a rate of up to 6’000 rounds per minute.  Yeah, there are other more reasonable guns I could have chosen but this gun is just entertaining. I love it.  Like fuck man…the damn thing sounds like my lawnmower when it fires, shit literally gets mowed down by this thing.

Anyways, those are my favorite top 10 weapons of war.  Entertain me people, give me your lists sometime and tell me why you like those weapons…or you can scold me for being a violence loving human.


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