Risk Chapter 10

Alright people! we’re almost at the end! Soon we’ll be getting to my favorite parts of this damn quadrilogy! For now…we’ll be at the end of Risk soon. Just 7 more chapters to go! New Years eve 2009 is when it all ends. So it is written, so it shall be done!

In this chapter we’ve managed to catch up with Etch and he’s been without Sketch for a while now. Poison and Script X are in a plot together, have they resolved their differences? Or are they putting them aside for a common goal? Find out more in this week’s installment of Risk!

Risk Chapter 10

Poison’s teeth sunk into a small veggie burger as he drove around the block for a third time. Script X was in the car with him now and had seen what was really in the files. They had been circling the same block waiting for someone to show up. The neighborhood they were in wasn’t one to be caught lingering in for too long. Script was sure that people were starting to take notice to the fact that the same car had come around several times.

“How long until he shows up?” Script asked as he briefly looked up from the files in his lap. He could see hustlers on the corner making the nightly exchange of goods. He could see that they were beginning to grow suspicious of the car going around the block.

“Not long” replied Poison “He said that he would be here…”

They both then saw a white man in baggy black jeans and a black toque run out of a house and hail them down.

“There he is” said Poison as he pulled the car up to meet him.

The man hopped into the vehicle without a word. He pulled out a thick stack of papers from under his shirt as Poison handed him some money in exchange for the papers. The man took his money, then looked out the windows of the car and silently as he came, he was gone.

“You have the weirdest editors…” said Script as he was still in the files.

“Hey, it’ll make sure that we get Etch back” replied Poison as he watched Script begin to flip through the new papers.

Etch was in some A-Soul members loft. It was a nice place, lots of graffiti and people going in and out. They did performing arts here so he was well entertained since he always got a show every night. It had been months since he had last seen Sketch and he was still feeling like half of him was missing. He had spent so much time trying to figure out what had happened between the two of them, why had she wanted to leave? What did she have against A-Soul or Poison and Spectrum in particular? Those were questions that he asked himself day and night.

He was lying on a beanbag chair watching some love play. It was pretty interesting; it told the story of Isis and Osiris, the lovers of the forbidden place. Etch had heard this story so many times over but from person to person it changed, due to that the play was not received well by the audience because of the controversy surrounding the story. The actors dragged the director and writer out and threw tomatoes at them, it was two fat teenagers.

After that the people took a break and got refreshments. Refreshment break came after a play was over or the actors were kicked off stage and the stage needed to be cleaned. Half an hour passed and then the owner of the loft came out, this was rare since she only introduced the fan-favourite director/writer teams so Etch decided to pay attention to this.

“I would like to introduce a special play tonight” said the owner in a booming loud voice, which was much unexpected of such a small woman. “This is a new play from the minds of Script X…” she said and at this there was immediate applause “And Poison!” she said, with that there were more cheers as people stood up and applauded.

Etch was really surprised, he wondered what their story would be about, they usually did stories involving lots of sex and drugs so he expected that was going to be the genre, he was so wrong. The play was called ‘Hearts of Diamond’ and the people were still not convinced that it was not going to be a semi-erotica play, but they were just as wrong as Etch was. The play began and Poison came out on stage doing the prologue to act one then the play began.

Girls dressed just like Sketch came out onto the set and then one of them who had an uncanny resemblance to Sketch began the play with a soliloquy. Etch watched the play in astonishment and people began to look at him, whispering that the girls in the play looked just like Sketch. Then the final blow was delivered when a character that looked like him came out and said his name.

Etch knew this story, this was the story of how him and Sketch met. The only thought in his mind was, ‘How will those two fuck this story up…’ as he clenched a throwing tomato in his hand and crushed it. During the course of the play there were many applauds and Etch squeezed over a dozen tomatoes with one hand, by the end of the play the owner was exploiting him as the tomato crusher for her pasta sauce.

The play eventually ended and people were happy with it throughout the play but when the end did come, Script and Poison had tomatoes thrown at them by everyone except Etch who was not there.

The play was good except for one problem…the play had no true end; the moral was that true love stories never have endings because true love is forever. Now the pair only had one more mission, to infiltrate the dance studio before sunrise in 3 hours.

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