This month’s plan!

First and foremost, welcome to December at The Infection!

It’s the first night of Hanukkah and we’re lighting the menorah here tonight!

So…in case you’ve all been wondering- what is the theme this month?!

Sadly for you and happily for us we don’t have a theme this month. We have no focus at all. Yes- surprise, surprise we are silent. Well…that would be a lie. We have no intention of staying silent this month, we never are. Some of us here are just too opinionated to stay silent for long and if left to be silent for long we begin to boil and brood before exploding.We try to do our best to protect the general populace.

This month is where we officially shut down office here at The Infection and only few of us are left to tend to the daily duties by our own choice. Still, although there is and always will be a multitude of issues for us to discuss here, we’ve decided that this is the time for us to watch and hope that you’ve learned something from us in the past year we’ve been active. Dont lament too much people- we’ll be back for the new year!

Still, before we go off to have our own holiday fun we do have some issues to address.

1) Donate to a charity this holiday season or before the end of the year 2009. There are people who need our help and it’s just horrible to know that others will suffer while you get to stuff your face and be greedy. We cant save everyone, that’s life, but at least we can save someone.

2) Remember that it’s better to give than receive. Yes ,we all deserve our moments to be greedy but at the same time it’s still better to know that you’re not in debt to anybody or feeling as such. Yes, it’s a selfish reason to want to give people gifts but you’re better off not having someone feel like you owe them shit or feeling that you owe someone something.

3)Try some winter sports! Snowboarding, skiing, ice skating and tobogganing. There’s some fresh snow out, get a suit and get going. If there’s no snow where you’re from or going then stick your head in the freezer and hope for the best.

4) Eat healthy. Yes, we know that this advice wont be followed too closely but at least try to work out before the new year hits and you fail to keep your resolution to lose weight. Still, regardless people- try to avoid the greasy food and sweets that come in excess during the holidays.

Now that you’ve heard our public service announcements we do have more to say.  This month’s posts are going to be about whatever the hell we want. We want to stick to the general area of ‘The holiday’s’ as our theme but you can hear Christmas carols from everyone else, life still goes on for us here!

Finally, thank you all for your support over the past year. We came out small but as time went by we’ve grown and this could not have been possible without all of you who read.  Sure you don’t comment often but you all can be forgiven. Now for this month’s song!

…that has nothing to do with this month. I just dig the guitar in this alot.

LMFAO- This is the best X-mas song parody ever. It’s vulgar, obscene and juvenile.

Keep us entertained!

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