New Deviantart group!

Alright people! It’s Poison here again to announce the formation of a brand new group on Deviantart for all you artists out there who want to improve yourselves and be a part of an awesome artistic community.

People on Portfolios is the name of the group and currently our focus is to gather a group of people together who want to build their portfolios, improve as artists and simply wish to meet with other artists to discuss and exchange art.

So the group was formed by Pikatuff and the primary focus at the moment is to help people prepare a portfolio for the Sheridan Bachelor of Applied arts- Animation program. Otherwise, even if you aren’t prepping a portfolio for Sheridan’s animation program this group is geared towards helping all people prepare both academic and professional portfolio work. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some professional artists from the DA community to join us and give out some of their advice to those of us who wish to go into art professionally.

If you’re an artist who’s looking for advice or is willing to give some then please be sure to join us and check us out on Deviantart!

Keep us entertained!

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