Poison’s plan for this month

So we’ve got approximately a week before X-mas and here we are, The Infection, officially shut down for the holidays.

You know what that means people, I’ll be here talking about whatever the hell I want until 2010 comes around to save us all.  In the next 6-7 days I think I’m going to open up the subject of capitalism, commercialism and Christmas.  I don’t plan on being critical about the ills of the capitalist system and I’m not going to go on a  rant about how horrible people have become in commercializing everything. Why? Because I’m no better than them. If anything i’m the biggest commercialist you will know. I would only marry for money and I’ve schemed how I could make the most money out of myself getting married. Yes…I plan on pissing all over the sanctity of marriage, it’s traditions and all its meaning. This and many other horrible plans for profit have come to my mind.

Finally you all might be asking “where does X-mas come in all this?” well look at the lovely video below and you’ll see what angle I am more than willing to take on x-mas.

If I dont get to my supposedly intelligent subject matter in the course of this week then I’ll resort to entertaining you all with stupid things from the Internet. Things like homemade  pornography and silly videos.

Now…before I go I must be sure to properly traumatize you all with something I saw recently that was rather fucked up.

Keep me entertained!

FLAIRS – TRUCKERS DELIGHT from 3rd Side Records on Vimeo.

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