Welcome to the future!

Alright people, we’re finally back in business. All the holidays are over and that means that it’s time for us to get back to the next 12 months of doing what we do best! We’ve got a few announcements to make about how things are going to run differently this year here at The Infection. Fear not, these changes are just to make us a bit more loved by all of you who care to love us and make us more of a nuisance to those who we wish to annoy. Still, to make things simpler we’ve got a video of myself, Poison, explaining to you and all the people on Youtube what it is that we do.

If you dont wish to look at the crap quality video then you can take your time and read about what we have to offer you this year as well as this month’s theme!

The first announcement that needs to be made is that we’re abandoning The Infection!…Ok that’s a lie. We’re just shifting our focus a bit. Last year we spent the year writing up posts and in the beginning we were somewhat shaky at it but now that we have something of a formula on how to do this. This year we’re going to be shifting our focus to Youtube and making videos. Like the beginning of our run last year, our videos are in their infantile stages and in order to get us up from crawling to walking we need to shift our focus towards this venue of our operations. You all know that we know how to write but now we need to learn how to shoot really sexy cool and funny videos. I’ll admit it…I’m somewhat camera shy and I really want to get that out of the way in this new year. So, our focus is on videos and most of our posts here will be simultaneous with our YouTube uploads.

Our next announcement for this year is that…I’m coming out of the closet and I’m a flaming homosexual! No…that’s a complete lie. If I ever truly dared to make such an announcement then I can tell you that I would be greeted by a few too many women who can easily crush that idea. Now seriously…This year we plan to be hitting up a few conventions! As we’re sure you probably saw, last year we hit up Anime North but we were ill prepared for an event of that caliber. We’re doing that again and this time we’re going to do it better…not that our video recording skills can get much worse than that so the only place to go is up. Be happy! We also plan to try to hit up a new convention this year in Oakville, hopefully we can begin to make our presence known at various conventions.

The third announcement we’re making this year is that…Jesus is back and he’s black! No…seriously. The real announcement is that we’re opening up shop. We’ve got shit to sell and we need money to go to these conventions thus we’re opening up shop soon. This year we’re going to be selling some of our artwork and random shit on e-bay. We’re hoping that people are willing to buy our stuff but if not then it’s tough luck for us. Our new shop also extends to our conventions that we’re attending. This year we’re not only attending but we’re going to be selling artwork there too. We plan to get tables for our artists at both Anime North 2010 and hopefully another convention in the year. look out for us there and keep us entertained.

The fourth announcement is that we’re going to be making a  pornographic comic! That’s not a joke…We saw how much you all liked last years announcement about the Ganguro girl fan comic. You all liked it so much that the post made the top ten posts of the year…I apologize to those of you who were hoping to see it out last year. Still, the good part is that my art has improved alot since when I first envisioned the project so you can be sure that we’re going to produce quality work here when we make this Ganguro girl project happen. Sadly you all are going to have to wait until after March to get to see the first chapter and it’s going to be fully available here on The Infection! Oh yes…play the god damn game if you haven’t!

Finally, we have this month’s topic. So last year we began the year by talking about Black history and mostly Afrocentric issues for this month. This year we’re taking it one step higher and talking about race issues as a whole. Everything from interracial relationships to racial profiling by police, we don’t give a damn who we offend. If there’s an issue where the center of it is race then we will try to dip our little dirty hands into it. Trust us and trust me, I’ve got some real harsh shit to say to some people about certain things involving race.

All in all, welcome back. we’re glad to have you back. Thank you all for your continued support and we do hope to keep you all entertained! Peace!

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