Welcome to 2010 the new decade

I’m BACKKK!!!!! It’s Lionel Heart and before we kick off this month of racism I need to do some cleaning up. Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, it’s continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before sorry wrong script; A new decade, a new journey and before this ship takes flight, I would like to take an idea from one of the comments we received in our year in review and do a top 20 list of events, with respect to the impact it had, that happened in the past decade….

20. Astrophysicists determine the universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old, which shall forever expand, and conclude that only 4% of the universe’s contents are ordinary matter (Thus making the other 96% extraordinary matter) – Scientists will never be out of a job at this rate

19. The Star Wars Prequel – This should have never happened, because it has led to too much extra shit, like the cartoons.

18. Tiger Woods infidelity goes public – Now, he’s a black man

17. The New York Football Giants pull of the greatest upset in history Vegas opens with them as 14 point underdogs; “Plax-glass” Burress goes on record predicting a 23-17 Giants win eliciting a feeling from Super Bowl 3 when Broadway Joe guaranteed victory. The New England Patriots wished they got the 17 points as the Giants beat them 17 – 14.

16. Patrick Roy retires as one of the greatest hockey goalies ever, first ballot hall-of-fame, only to see Martin Brodeur take the title, as greatest goalie, away from him; you still have your rings St. Patrick.

15. Angela Merkel becomes the first female chancellor of Germany in 2005 and in 2007 Nancy Pelosi is designated speaker of the house – Feminists go wild with these victories.

14. Johnny Depp still hasn’t won a god-damn Academy, this guy played a sexually ambiguous pirate and Sweeny Todd, WTF!

13. Marvel Comics finally does what D.C. did years ago, make movies based on their comic superheroes

12. Michael Jackson Dies – Worldwide mourning for the “King of Pop” who dies at the young age of 50 and still had more to give. The only person who will have a funeral that will compare is Bob Barker.

11. The Doomsday Clock gets that much closer to midnight.

10. The Playstation 2 becomes the all-time selling console – as of September 2009 it has sold 138 million units worldwide, to put that into perspective that’s Xbox (24 million, individually almost 6 times over) Xbox 360 (31 million, about 4.4 times) Playstation 3 (27 million, 5 times over) and Nintendo Wii (56 million, about 2.5 times) all combined, redefining greatest console ever.

9. The airplane high jacking and subsequent attacks on September 11th 2001 – This has pretty much lead to 3 major things 1) a never ending war, The War on Terrorism; 2) The U.S. government’s legalization and control of information, including personal;  and 3) Wasted U.S. tax dollars

8. Global Warming starts whooping our asses, big time – Polar Ice Caps are melting, sea levels rising, it’s all just a conspiracy there is nothing going on, keep the coal fired plants going

7. Hu Jintao becomes the first President of the People’s Republic of China – and their people are still working in sweat shops

6. My hombre Fidel Castro steps down – Now this one hurt me personally, I liked Fidel, I liked what he did for Cuba but know one lives forever. He made the half century and did his part in society.

5. Internet Memes – Philosoraptor, Courage Wolf, Over 9000, Kanye West; need I say more.

4. We made it to Mars – Rover is roving the planet Mars since 2004 no signs of autobots just yet; in 2006 Pluto is deemed a dwarf planet, PWNED!

3. Baracktimus Prime Barack Obama become the United States first African American President – This was some historic shit right here, I thought I would never see this one, EVER! Which leads to this month’s theme: Month of Racism.

2. Internet goes high speed – Now this is some serious business right here, this lead to too many thing good and bad, now people can watch porn without having to go to the Adult store or purchasing it through pay-per-view or satellite companies

1. The second coming of the great depression – Now if history truly does repeat sometime in 2011 some random dude will name himself ruler of a country, amass arms and by 2019 we should have World War III cause by some genocide on a religious group this crazy guy thinks is oppressive.

This month you don’t a real song just the opening theme of Star Trek: The Next Generation great piece of music

3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2010 the new decade

  1. I like the list. Castro’s a complex issue so I won’t go there. I will say tho that I like the new Star Wars cartoons. Clone Wars is pretty darn good. 😀

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