Risk Chapter 11

Alright people! so it’s Poison here and I’ve gotta apologize for not updating and finishing when I promised but alas, I realized that you all have so much more important shit to do. Nonetheless, we’re back in action and here to finish this shit for you!

Before I get into the chapter I’m going to have a little self reflective moment with you all because I know you all are caring individuals who really give a rats ass about how I feel. So way back when I wrote this, which I estimate was nearly 5 years ago now, I thought this was a hit. I thought it was best seller material but when I look back on it, even after my minor editing, It makes me itch to show you all how much I’ve improved as a writer. Still, I like the story nonetheless because in it I’ve managed to create my own world. A universe where things are a bit dark and jaded but it’s still interesting to watch. Anyways, what I want to say is that I really hope that you who do read this don’t take this as an indication of my current ability to write and I can promise you all that it does get better later on, we just need to go through all this because you need the back story to understand what happens later.

Now, for Chapter 11 of Risk! Keep me entertained!

-Chapter 11-

The Dance studio was well guarded. G.K had put a large portion of her credit into the security because there were records that could not get into the hands of anyone other than her. It was two hours until sunrise and two young men stood in front of the studio gates. The studio was closed until sunrise, that was when people started coming and that was when the gates were unlocked by the time lock. Script X and Poison stood in front of this gate, the first challenge for them.

Poison ran around the gates looking for another way in, meanwhile Script examined the lock. Script took note of the brand it was, he then went back to the car while Poison continued to look for a way in. Script had carried his laptop with him and this was one of the times where he knew he would need it. He got into the car and looked up ‘lock picking’ on Google. ‘Ah, the joys of the internet’ thought Script to himself as he placed in the model of the lock and quick as magic he had a way in. Script took his laptop with him out of the car and then he called his accomplice on his cell phone.

“Yo Poison” Said Script “You see a back door?” he asked.

“Actually, Yes I do” replied Poison

“Good, then stay there” said Script.

Script then twiddled with the lock a bit and then he got a call back from Poison.

“Yo, the door unlocked here” he said

“Good, I feel happy for you, now open the door here” replied Script and he hung up.

Shortly Poison came around and opened the gates; they then headed inside the building. They began their search of the studio. Every room they searched was large and had things from dance mats to exercise equipment in it, just a typical dance studio. They searched and searched until Script found the only locked room in the building. Script stood in front of the door and saw that it had key card access, not much of a problem for him, he took out his trusty laptop and screwdriver then got to work. Within 10 minutes he was in and he knew that he did not have time to waste.

On the desk there were many files and he skimmed through them but they were all useless so he made his way to the cabinets and looked under ‘D’ for Dust, but there was nothing. Script was not satisfied yet, he then looked under ‘C’ for classified and he found nothing, this was time wasting and he did not like it. He checked his watch and saw that it was now 3:45am, he still had time but he had to think quickly.

The room he was in was a room full of files and cabinets, it was the only filing room so far so all the information had to be there, it was the most logical place but then he came to another conclusion…the file they were looking for wasn’t there but in another place, the safest possible place you could think of, home. Script ran out of the room and ran for the exit; he took out his cell phone and called Poison.

“The file’s not here! I know where it is!” said Script and he hung up.

Poison met Script at the exit and then they saw the car with a police cruiser beside it. The life drained from both their faces as they thought ‘we’re fucked’. Poison and Script casually walked toward the car, hoping to god that they would not need to go to jail and become man-bitches to some guy named Randy. Luck was with them tonight as the Cop said nothing to them as they came from the building, he must of thought they worked there, not only that but he seemed to be on break as he was sitting in his car eating donuts. Script took the wheel this time as they drove off towards G.K’s house.

Meanwhile, Etch drove down the lonely moonlit road in the back of the cab. It hadn’t taken him too long to find out where Sketch was and now he was intent on getting his girlfriend back. It had been too damn long since they were together and he was gonna be a man, not a spineless worm and find out what really happened between them. If he couldn’t get back with her then at least he wasn’t spineless.

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