Racism, Racism, Why are thou here?

Well I’ll be damned guess what today is, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Let’s celebrate racism! To quote Chris Rock “where the racism at? Where it at, where it at, where it at?” But unlike Chris Rock looking and waiting for it, I find it all too easy to see. Not to say that I am inherently looking for racism, all I am trying to point out in these few opening statements is that it’s just too easy find; it’s like playing hide and seek except the person is standing right in front of you once you’re done counting.

I would personally guess that people are naturally racist, I guess that is the wrong way to put it, I guess people generally are less tolerant to those of other ethnicities that they feel are lower in “class”, and by class I mean the way people behave in public. I like to play the Devil’s Advocate, a lot, and I like to look at both sides of the coin, per se; I would guess the other side of the coin would be that there are stereotypes, everyone knows them and if certain people are perpetuating the stereotype, I guess it’s not racism, just pointing out or identifying a racial stereotype society has stapled them with.

Now stopping here would be like giving you black coffee, it looks bland and tastes like crap, and we don’t do that here at The Infection so I shall now further my stance that people generally are less tolerant to those of other ethnicities that they feel are lower in class, not withstanding government officials, police, and the rest of the folks in power. Now why would I think people are naturally racist, it’s because I am a firm believer in John Locke. To rephrase what he believed, humans are the trash of the world, they need to be controlled and by nature look out for themselves and no one else; furthermore humans are so self-centered they will put down everything and everyone. That is they underlying basis for my theory on racism, that Locke was right, humans are so low and so despicable that we are innately racist, that in everyone of us there is the potential to become “He-who-should-not-be-named” or even Rush Limbaugh, that we would destroy/defame a race of people because of our negative beliefs that we have to characterize those people.

Those are my thoughts on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day what are yours, Keep Us Entertained! (We really need to copyright that shit!)

One thought on “Racism, Racism, Why are thou here?

  1. As far as opinions go, I gotta disagree. I think most behaviour is learned, for the most part. People don’t act disdainful of a different ethnicity or class because it comes natural to them, they do it because they learn its right.

    That’s why things are slowly, sloooooowly changing. Many kids growing up are given negative re-inforcement to racism and classism, and they grow up thinking that’s wrong, and they pass it on to their kids, etc. etc. Give it a few million years, maybe, and racism and classism is eliminated from the world. Worked in Star Trek. 😀

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