My least favorite word…

It’s Poison here again people! Been a while but I’m back with a video and a post. Am I not entertaining?! Anyways, today we’re going to talk about my least favorite word in the world…well one of them. This special little word makes my blood boil and it summons a beast within me that should never see the light of day.  If you ever have called me this word, know that I can forgive you for just about anything else after that and forget it but that one word will be held against you if I am ever forced to judge you.  Now watch the video, read the post and comment at the bottom!

The word of the day today is ‘Whitewash’…as defined by

Whitewash-A process or result or act: when a person who is considered a minority adopts a lifestyle (including speech, mannerisms, clothing, etc.) that is attributed secluded to those of European descent, white people.

If there is a word I hate more in the English language then let it be spoken here and now. To me, this word is the result of ignorance that has completely exceeded my already low level of tolerance. Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’ve been called whitewash ALOT of times in my life and today’s the day I get up and say straight up-fuck those NIGGERS! All you porch-monkey, good for nothing, slack, waste of space, uneducated, uncultured, intolerant, ignorant ass coons can suck my dick! Anyone who has ever called me whitewash is a nigger and if you filthy animals think that you have the right to go as far as to deny the fact that I am black and proud of it you are so fucking wrong. Fuck me…I just had a nigger moment.

To begin, you all know, or I hope you know, the difference between niggers and black people. Niggers are the slack and waste lot who parade around as black people but are really nothing more than hairless apes. Their mission is to bring the rest of us down to their level and beat us into submission with their experience. They are the founders of this lovely word. They like to use this word to brand black people with a mark of shame on the premise that they are not being ‘black’ due to the activities they like to participate in, the music they like to listen to, the clothes they wear, and many other things. The use of the term is not just limited to black people mind you; it is also employed by other minorities as a term of insult.

Now my issue with the word isn’t just the fact that it denies my being black. My other issue is that it makes it seem like a bad thing to be white. I’ve said this before to people who have called me ‘the word’ and they’ve pounced on me like rabid wild tigers for defending white people. I have white friends and I speak on their behalf when I say that the use of the word insults them too because it makes it seem like it’s a bad thing to be white. I understand that their European ancestors have had something or the other to do with the oppression of every minority in the world at some point in history but it’s the year 2010…Can’t we put that history of hate and ignorance behind us?

My next issue with the word is that it denies my being black. Yes, many people of many minorities can preach with me when I say that’s the part that bothers us the most. The first thing is where the hell do these people go off getting the authority to say if I am coloured or not!?  What makes me less coloured than you? Some people have argued that it’s because I don’t know my history…The most hilarious thing about that is that in many cases I’ve been able to preach black history better than they have. Some people argue that it’s the clothes I wear, the way I talk. So there’s a certain style of dress that comes with being black? I have to talk a certain way to be black!? Once again human stupidity never fails to disappoint. I’ve even gone as far as asking ‘what the hell do I have to do to be black?’ and the response is ‘if you don’t know then you’ll never be black’. This is when I figured out that these people don’t even know themselves what the hell it means to be black or in this case coloured.

Now last year, you all saw my defense of the use of the word ‘nigger’ and I’ll admit that this word can be considered equally bad if not worse. Actually…I think that the word ‘whitewash’ is slightly worse because it insults EVERYONE. At least the word ‘nigger’ by my definition is fair. My definition of the word ‘nigger’ would be an ignorant or stupid person of colour or an ignorant/stupid act by a person of colour i.e. niggerish behavior. I like to call everybody a nigger because as far as my eyes see, everyone is coloured and nobody living is truly without colour.

Whitewash on the other hand goes and insults a person on multiple levels. First, it denies them their heritage. The term is especially insulting if it’s told to you by someone who is of the same minority as you.  Second, it insults a person by saying that they are not good enough. It denotes that there has to be greater criteria than being born coloured to be coloured. Although that person, to the rest of the world, is nothing more than the minority they were born as. For someone of your own race to deny you the fact that you are of that race while you have had to endure the same burdens and sorrows they’ve had to endure is one of the greatest slaps in the face to receive. Third, it insults not only the coloured minorities but white people as well. It puts out the idea that it’s bad to be white, that white people are lower or lesser individuals…at least this is what’s been presented to me. Fourth, it denies individuality within the minority by presenting the idea that you have to walk, talk, dress and act a certain way to be part of that minority. People aren’t sheep, we are born free and equal to share and have our own ideas and live the way we want to live regardless of colour.

Anyways, I’m going to conclude this. I won’t ask people to discontinue their use of the word since I know it won’t happen. I will ask people to refrain from saying it around me because the use of that word, even as a joke, makes my blood boil. Not much mind you but It does send a slight tingle down my spine that just makes me want to lean into violent acts so much quicker. Also, to those of you who wish to continue using the word- at least now you know. So…as usual, keep me entertained with your comments since I’m really interested in seeing counterarguments to this.

Keep me entertained! Peace!

One thought on “My least favorite word…

  1. Dear Apple,

    I just want to applaud you for this and

    lol @ “I like to call everybody a nigger because as far as my eyes see, everyone is coloured and nobody living is truly without colour.” Though I won’t adopt it, well said.

    Roni <3!
    P.S. yes, I'm sorry I still haven't clicked on the video…

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