All about Abortion

Alright people, so we promised it and here it is. Our post about Abortion. Now those of you who are wondering what the hell this has to do with this month’s theme of love, sex and relationships are the people who should not be having any sex at all before something horrible happens.  We’ve got a video and a shitload of graphic pictures courtesy of myself, Poison, so prepare to be offended and disgusted.

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Toronto International Auto Show

Before this post continues I’m going to come forward and say that I, Poison, am at fault for the horrible video quality since YouTube is full of shit. They forced me to compress the video a lot so that it could be uploaded…fucking assholes. My bad people, my bad…now onto Lionel! (from Poison)

You guys thought I was lying when I said my post earlier this week was delayed because of the auto show, well HA! Wait you didn’t think I was lying and thought that to be a totally truth filled excuse, then I give you more credit for believing in me than the rest of us. Ah yes the auto show my every year excursion where I get to dream and orgasm at all the new cars Continue reading

소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) Oh! Album Review

Oh Oh Oh! Ladies can I have one of you....... Number 21 PLEASE!

Now as much as this is February and we are supposed to be talking about relationships and all that good stuff, I felt the need to go back to my lover, music, for a little and picked up So Nyuh Shi Dae’s (a.k.a Girls’ Generation) new album “Oh!” (Took a while to get here from Hong Kong) For those of you who don’t know who these nine beauties are, you really need to expand your horizons a little, in this case to South Korea. Continue reading

The Condom report!

Here at The Infection we promote safe sex. We all know that sex can be a scary thing for those not used to it and it can be a bothersome thing for those who are used to it, so we took the liberty to calling in an expert to talk to you all about sex.

Now we know that most of you reading have had the talks at school about sex preaching  the risks and whatnot but one thing they never taught you in school is how to have fun doing it. At school they always tell you to protect yourself but they always seem to forget to remember to tell you that you also need to pleasure yourself. This is why we’ve called in our friend Wonderfuk to tell you a bit more about fun and safe ways to have sex! So here she is with her informative post about  the wonderful world of Condoms and all the ways they can not only protect you from the dangers of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) but they can help increase the pleasure in your sex life.

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808’s and Heartbreak

Yo people it’s Poison here again! This time I’m here about a bad album by Kanye West having your heart broken. Yeah, it’s been four days since valentines day passed and in the aftermath of just one day a bunch of sorry romantics just happen to either be really happy or somewhat depressed. I’m here to address the issues of the depressed. Continue reading

Top 10 date movies…..

Honest apologies this should have been up last week but too much Family Day long weekend drinking and a trip to the Toronto Auto Show lead to this unfortunate delay. A good date movie is a movie that not only both you and your date immensely enjoy but it must also set the mood; this list was extremely hard to compile and had to pick a number 1 but I did it. So I get to give you people my top ten list of date movies. (Please don’t gag at all the Disney movies, I think all their WAFF is good for a date movie)

10) Valentine’s Day -> I hope this one is fairly self explanatory, a movie about Valentine’s Day and how not to f*ck things up!

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Interracial Relationships- whats the issue?

It’s Poison again! Welcome back to The Infection people! It’s good to be here and we apologize for our lateness but we, more or less ‘I’, had an issue with this subject and getting something out…This is obviously my last resort. I’ll have to learn some comforting techniques for the camera…Alas, this isn’t really the issue. My issue is with people not being willing to speak up about their opinions, even when they know they’re right. Continue reading

Blood…we only want it from a few of you

You see, lately I’ve had alot of issues with homosexuals and them being able to express themselves openly come to my attention.I wont state my sexuality since you either already know it and it shouldn’t matter if I’m not in bed with you. Alas, greetings people it’s Poison Apple here again and I’m not pleased. I’ve come across some rather disturbing information today, something I should have known years ago but it’s only come across to me today. Did you know that actively homosexual men have not been allowed to donate blood since 1977? I didn’t know this and when I asked around about it alot of people I know didn’t know this either. I’m glad to say that I do have sensible friends who did agree with me about one thing- that’s complete bullshit. No, I don’t mean that this fact is complete bullshit and I’m fucking with you all but I mean that it’s complete bullshit  that homosexual men in this day and age still cannot donate blood. Continue reading

Taking a ‘break’

Ight its Nate here from FolksOnBlast TV checkin’ in for The Infection on “Breaks”. I’ve asked time and time again WTF IS A BREAK. Over time I’ve learned that a break can be a lot of things. Either way they all start the same way. Some one wanting time away from there partner. In a way time away from your partner can be a good thing at times, it gives you time to think about what you really want for each other and yourselves.

Me personally, I think that breaks are good because I like knowing that my girl is still there but yet we get the time to focus on the other important things in life. Lets face it love can only take you so far you need other things to back yourselves up.

There are ups and downs to a break. Ups being you get the time to focus on other things that are important and still have your relationship when you’re ready to continue with no fear of anything.

The down side is that if your relationship isn’t strong enough for a break don’t expect to come back to a relationship cause ‘break’ is the nice way of saying we’re over.

Let me know what u guys think about breaks hit me up on FolksOnBlast Tv